The Deceitful Plan

1. Sita’s Secret Love Affair

As the story unfolds, we discover that Sita has been harboring a deep secret – she has fallen in love with Ravan, the demon king. Despite her marital commitment to Ram, Sita’s heart longs for Ravan’s presence. In the secluded forests, away from prying eyes, Sita and Ravan engage in a forbidden love affair. Their love blossoms in the midst of this clandestine relationship, with Sita finding solace and passion in Ravan’s arms.

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2. The Plan Unfolds

After much contemplation, Sita ultimately makes the bold decision to elope with Ravan to Lanka. Assisted by Marich, they devise a cunning scheme that involves using a beautiful golden deer to lure Ram and Laxman away from Sita’s side.

The plan is set into motion as Marich transforms himself into the enticing golden deer and prances around the forest near Ram and Laxman’s dwelling. Mesmerized by the deer’s beauty, Ram expresses his desire to capture it for Sita, despite Laxman’s warnings of potential dangers. Sita, aware of the ploy, insists that Ram fulfill his wish, knowing that it will lead to the unfolding of their ultimate plan.

As Ram chases after the illusory golden deer, Laxman hesitantly leaves Sita alone in their forest abode. Seizing the opportunity, Ravan disguises himself as a sage and approaches Sita, seeking alms. Sita, ever virtuous, decides to fulfill the disguised Ravan’s request, unaware of the impending danger lurking beneath the sage’s guise.

Thus, the intricate plan set in motion by Sita, Ravan, and Marich begins to unfold, setting the stage for the dramatic events that are destined to follow.

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