The Deal with Shadowcat

1. Unexpected Encounter

As Kurt decided to follow Kitty and Bobby that evening, he couldn’t shake off the feeling of curiosity that lingered in his mind. He watched from a distance as they walked side by side, sharing jokes and laughter. It seemed like a date, but something felt off to Kurt.

Not wanting to intrude but unable to resist his curiosity, Kurt stealthily followed them to a nearby cafĂ©. He found a hidden spot where he could observe them without being noticed. As he watched them interact, Kurt realized that it wasn’t a date at all. Kitty and Bobby were just enjoying each other’s company as friends.

Feeling both relieved and a bit foolish for assuming the worst, Kurt couldn’t help but chuckle at his own overactive imagination. He had jumped to conclusions without knowing the full story. As Kitty and Bobby finished their drinks and got ready to leave, Kurt decided to reveal himself and join them.

“Hey guys, mind if I tag along?” Kurt said, trying to play it cool despite his earlier detective work. Kitty and Bobby grinned, happy to have their friend join them. The trio set off into the night, their unexpected encounter turning into a fun adventure filled with laughter and camaraderie.

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2. Shocking Discovery

Kurt finds himself in a state of disbelief as he witnesses Kitty and Bobby engaged in a scandalous act that could potentially tarnish the reputation of the X-Men team. The sight before him leaves him stunned, unsure of how to process what he has just seen.

As a member of the close-knit group of mutants, Kurt never expected to witness such behavior from his fellow teammates. The revelation shakes him to his core, causing him to question the unity and loyalty of the team he has fought alongside for so long.

Despite the shock and disbelief, Kurt knows that he must confront Kitty and Bobby about what he has seen. He grapples with the internal turmoil of whether to keep their secret or expose the truth that could potentially divide the X-Men team.

As Kurt struggles to come to terms with this unexpected discovery, he realizes that the choices he makes in the aftermath could have far-reaching consequences for the entire group. Will he choose to protect his friends and keep their secret, or will he risk everything by revealing the shocking truth?

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3. Confrontation

Kurt finds Kitty and Bobby talking in a secluded corner of the Xavier Institute, their expressions worried. He approaches them with a frown, demanding to know what they are discussing so secretly. Kitty and Bobby exchange nervous glances before Kitty stammers out an excuse.

“It’s nothing, Kurt. Just some personal matters we were discussing,” she says, attempting to brush off his inquiry.

But Kurt is not convinced. He knows they have been keeping something from him, something important. His eyes narrow as he steps closer, his tone growing more serious.

“I don’t believe you. What is it that both of you are hiding from me? If you don’t tell me the truth, I will have no choice but to go to Professor X with my suspicions,” Kurt says firmly.

Kitty’s eyes widen in fear, and Bobby’s shoulders tense. They exchange another glance, silently communicating their dilemma. Finally, Bobby speaks up, hesitant but resigned.

“We… we can’t tell you, Kurt. It’s not our secret to share. Please understand,” Bobby pleads, his voice betraying his anxiety.

Kurt’s expression darkens further, his frustration evident. He weighs his options, torn between loyalty to his friends and the need for honesty. With a heavy heart, he nods curtly and turns away, leaving Kitty and Bobby to their shared secret.

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4. The Deal

After Kitty’s secret outings with Bobby are discovered by Kurt, she comes up with a proposition for him. She offers Kurt a deal – he can accompany her on daily dates, even though she may not be the real Kitty, as long as he agrees to keep quiet about her rendezvous with Bobby.

Kitty lays out the terms clearly for Kurt. She explains that she needs someone she can trust to maintain discretion about her activities with Bobby, and in return, she is willing to provide Kurt with the opportunity to spend time with her. Despite the fact that Kurt is aware that Kitty might not be authentic, the allure of spending time with her on a daily basis is too strong to resist.

This arrangement puts Kurt in a challenging position. On one hand, he is excited about the prospect of getting closer to Kitty and experiencing romantic moments with her. On the other hand, he is torn about keeping secrets from his friends, especially Bobby, whom he has known for years. Kurt grapples with the ethical dilemma of whether he should prioritize his own desires or uphold the trust of his peers.

As Kitty awaits Kurt’s response to her proposal, she wonders if he will agree to the deal or raise objections. The tension mounts as Kurt deliberates over his decision, knowing that it could have far-reaching consequences for his relationships with both Kitty and Bobby.

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5. Reluctant Agreement

Kurt reluctantly agrees to the deal to save his relationship with Kitty.

After much contemplation, Kurt ultimately decided to go against his initial instincts and reluctantly gave his agreement to the deal that had been proposed. Although he had reservations and doubts about the terms and conditions of the agreement, he knew that it was necessary in order to salvage his relationship with Kitty.

Despite his inner conflict and reluctance, Kurt realized that the well-being of his relationship with Kitty was far more important than his personal hesitations. He understood that compromising and making sacrifices were part of maintaining a healthy relationship, and he was willing to set aside his apprehensions for the greater good of his partnership.

While agreeing to the deal was a challenging decision for Kurt, he knew deep down that it was the right choice to make. By showing his willingness to put aside his own concerns and prioritize the needs of their relationship, Kurt demonstrated his commitment and dedication to Kitty.

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