The Dark Path of a Criminal

1. Childhood Betrayal

During his formative years, the protagonist experienced a traumatic event that would shape his future in unexpected ways. A man, whom the protagonist trusted, implanted a bomb inside him as a child. The intentions behind this act remain unclear, but the consequences were devastating. The bomb backfired, causing a fatal explosion that not only obliterated the man but also left the protagonist with physical and emotional scars that would never fully heal.

The betrayal at such a young age shattered the innocence and trust that the protagonist had in the world. He was left to navigate a reality where danger lurked around every corner, even in the guise of those closest to him. The experience left a lasting imprint on his psyche, fueling a deep-rooted sense of distrust and wariness towards others.

This pivotal moment in his childhood not only robbed him of his safety and security but also ignited a fierce determination within him. It sparked a desire for revenge and justice, as he vowed to uncover the truth behind the betrayal and seek retribution for the pain inflicted upon him.

The memory of the betrayal continued to haunt him, serving as a constant reminder of the cruelty and darkness that existed in the world. It propelled him on a journey fraught with danger and deception, as he sought to unravel the mysteries of his past and confront the demons that had been unleashed by that fateful explosion.

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2. The Glasgow Smile

After a tragic accident, the protagonist’s father inflicts a Glasgow Smile upon them. This brutal act not only physically scars the protagonist but also emotionally wounds them, leading to a deep-seated resentment towards their father. The Glasgow Smile serves as a constant reminder of the pain and betrayal the protagonist experienced that fateful day.

Unable to cope with the trauma and seeking a sense of control in their life, the protagonist turns to a life of crime. The Glasgow Smile becomes a symbol of their descent into the criminal underworld, a mark of the darkness that now consumes them.

As the protagonist navigates this new world, the Glasgow Smile becomes both a burden and a source of power. It serves as a warning to their enemies, a reminder of the pain they are capable of inflicting. Yet, it also isolates them, marking them as an outcast even among their criminal peers.

Despite the pain and the fear it represents, the Glasgow Smile becomes a part of the protagonist’s identity. It shapes their actions, their relationships, and their view of the world. And as they struggle to come to terms with their past and their present, the Glasgow Smile remains a constant, a cruel reminder of the darkness that resides within them.

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3. Framing the Sister

The protagonist’s desperate plan reaches its climax as they decide to frame their own sister for murder, a shocking turn of events that sets off a chain reaction of consequences. The sister, innocent of the crime, is devastated by the betrayal and the false accusations hurled at her. Confusion and disbelief grip her as she struggles to understand why her own flesh and blood would fabricate such a heinous lie.

As the pressure mounts, the protagonist’s sister begins to crack under the weight of the false accusations. Her once strong and confident demeanor starts to falter, replaced by a sense of despair and hopelessness. Unable to bear the burden of the false charges any longer, she ultimately decides to turn herself in, believing that it is the only way to prove her innocence.

The tragic consequences of the frame job become fully evident as the sister’s life is irreversibly altered by the deception. The rift between the siblings deepens, leaving a permanent stain on their relationship. The protagonist, consumed by guilt but driven by their own selfish motives, faces the harsh reality of the damage they have caused to their family. The act of framing the sister not only destroys her innocence but also shatters the bonds of trust and love that once held the family together.

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