The Dark Elf’s Arrival

1. Arrival at the Prison Island

A small sailboat gently glides towards the underground prison island, guided by the skilled hands of the captain. The island’s ominous silhouette looms in the distance, surrounded by dark, choppy waters.

As the boat docks at the desolate pier, a group of stern-faced guards stands at attention, their expressions unreadable beneath their helmets. They exchange nods with each other as they await the arrival of a mysterious figure known only as Reyn.

Silence descends over the scene as a cloaked Elf steps off the boat, their features obscured by the hood of their cloak. Reyn moves with a confident grace, their every movement deliberate and purposeful.

The guards eye Reyn warily, recognizing the individual as a formidable force to be reckoned with. Despite the Elf’s calm demeanor, there is an underlying tension in the air, hinting at the power and influence Reyn holds within the prison island.

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2. Greetings and Intrigue

As Guard approached the cloaked figure, a respectful welcome was offered to the mysterious visitor named Reyn. Covered in a black cloak, Reyn’s presence sparked curiosity and whispers among the guards stationed at the entrance.

The guards, not used to such a mysterious and intriguing figure entering their domain, couldn’t help but exchange glances filled with intrigue and speculation. Reyn’s arrival seemed to disrupt the usual routine, injecting an air of mystery and excitement into the atmosphere.

Guard, maintaining professionalism despite the internal excitement, led Reyn past the gates and into the inner courtyard. As they walked, the other guards couldn’t resist stealing glances at the cloaked figure, trying to discern any hints of Reyn’s identity or purpose for visiting.

Whispers followed in Reyn’s wake, speculating about the reasons for the visit and the significance of the black cloak that concealed their features. The guards, usually accustomed to the mundane tasks of their duties, found themselves drawn into the intrigue surrounding Reyn’s arrival.

As Reyn and Guard disappeared into the heart of the fortress, the guards were left pondering the mysteries that had suddenly enveloped their usually routine day. What secrets did Reyn hold, and how would their presence impact the fortress and its occupants? Only time would tell.

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