The Creation of Sechania

1. Birth of Shenita Sanderson

Shenita Sanderson came into the world on September 8th, 2003, within the realm of the gods, with a destiny that would lead her to become the Creator of Sechania.

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2. Transformation into Soul Core Alicorn

When Shenita undergoes her transformation into a Soul Core Alicorn, a magnificent creature of mystical power emerges. This Alicorn embodies balance and preservation, representing the harmony of the natural world.

As she transforms, Shenita gains the ability to wield two potent elements: Heaven Fire and Crystal Creation. The Heaven Fire she commands is a divine force that purifies and cleanses, bringing light to the darkest corners of the universe. It symbolizes her connection to the celestial realms and her role as a guardian of light.

In addition to Heaven Fire, Shenita also has the power of Crystal Creation at her command. With this ability, she can shape and manipulate crystals with precision, using them for various purposes such as healing, defense, and communication. The crystals she creates are imbued with magical energy, resonating with the essence of creation itself.

Together, the combination of Heaven Fire and Crystal Creation makes Shenita a formidable force to be reckoned with. Her transformation into a Soul Core Alicorn not only enhances her physical abilities but also deepens her connection to the spiritual and elemental forces that govern the world.

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3. The Protectors of Sechania

Within the mystical realm of Sechania reside Lumina the fairy cat, Ember the bird, and Orion the horse. These three creatures are not merely inhabitants of Sechania but are esteemed as the sacred protectors of the land and its most prized possession, the Tree of Purity and Divinity.

Lumina, with her shimmering wings and bright eyes, possesses an unparalleled grace and wisdom that guides all who seek her counsel. She is known to be the guardian of purity, ensuring that darkness never taints the light that shines within Sechania.

Ember, with his fiery feathers and keen gaze, is the vigilant sentinel of the skies. His keen eyesight and swift wings make him an excellent lookout, always ready to warn of any potential threats to the tranquility of Sechania.

Orion, the majestic horse with a mane of stardust and hooves that spark with magical energy, is the steadfast protector of the Tree of Purity and Divinity. His strength and loyalty are unmatched, as he stands vigilantly by the tree, ready to defend it against any who dare to harm its sanctity.

Together, Lumina, Ember, and Orion form an unbreakable bond of protection over Sechania and its most precious treasure, ensuring that peace and purity reign supreme in this enchanted realm.

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4. Aether, Harmony Midnight Sparkle, and Lord Damon Chaos

Delve into the fascinating world of the divine beings Aether, Harmony Midnight Sparkle, and Lord Damon Chaos. These powerful entities play key roles in the balance of the universe.


As the Alicorn God, Aether embodies the essence of purity and light. Aether is revered for their wisdom and guidance, overseeing the harmony and order of all living creatures. With Aether’s presence, serenity and tranquility prevail in the realms.

Harmony Midnight Sparkle

Harmony Midnight Sparkle is revered as the goddess of creation, bringing life and beauty to the cosmos. With her innovative spirit and boundless creativity, she crafts worlds and shapes destinies. Through her gentle touch, existence blooms in wondrous forms.

Lord Damon Chaos

On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Lord Damon Chaos, the god of destruction. Fueled by chaos and entropy, he represents the inevitable cycle of death and rebirth. While his actions may seem destructive, they pave the way for new beginnings and evolution.

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