The Complicated Love Story of King Do Yoon

1. King Do Yoon and Ji Min

During the year 1389, an unexpected romance blossomed between the young 14-year-old King Do Yoon and Ji Min, a girl of humble origins. Despite their starkly different backgrounds, their love knew no bounds, filled with innocence and pure affection.

However, their fairy-tale love story took a tragic turn when King Do Yoon’s half-brother, Prince Chul, came into the picture. Jealous of his brother’s connection with Ji Min and determined to seize power for himself, Prince Chul mercilessly destroyed the relationship between King Do Yoon and Ji Min, shattering their hopes and dreams in the process.

King Do Yoon, torn between his loyalty to his brother and his love for Ji Min, found himself in a heart-wrenching dilemma. Ji Min, on the other hand, faced the harsh reality of their forbidden love and the cruel consequences it brought.

As Prince Chul’s treachery unfolded, the once-promising love story of King Do Yoon and Ji Min turned into a tale of heartbreak and betrayal, leaving deep scars on both of their hearts that would take years to heal, if they ever could.

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2. Crown Princess Akita’s Betrayal

When King Do Yoon was just 17 years old, he found himself engaged to Crown Princess Akita. However, their joy was short-lived as rumors of the crown princess’s infidelity began to spread like wildfire throughout the kingdom. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, the accusations proved to be enough to tarnish her reputation irreparably.

As the scandal unfolded, Crown Princess Akita faced harsh judgment from the royal court and the public alike. The once-beloved princess now found herself isolated and alone, with even King Do Yoon struggling to defend her amidst the mounting pressure.

Ultimately, Crown Princess Akita’s tragic fate was sealed when she was officially accused of betrayal by the royal council. The young princess was stripped of her titles and privileges, banished from the palace, and forced to live out the rest of her days in exile.

The downfall of Crown Princess Akita not only shattered the dreams of a young couple but also sent shockwaves throughout the kingdom. The betrayal of a trusted member of the royal family left a lasting impact on the court and the people, forever changing the course of history.

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3. Love Interests and Rivalries

Sana, Crown Princess Lulu, and Lia enter King Do Yoon’s life, creating a complicated love triangle full of jealousy and manipulation.

Introduction of Love Interests

When Sana, Crown Princess Lulu, and Lia come into King Do Yoon’s world, everything changes. Each woman brings her own set of unique qualities and charms, captivating the king in different ways.

Jealousy and Competition

As the relationships between King Do Yoon and the three women deepen, jealousy and competition start to rear their ugly heads. Sana, Crown Princess Lulu, and Lia find themselves vying for the king’s attention and affection, leading to tension and conflict in the royal court.

Manipulative Tactics

In order to gain an advantage in the love triangle, Sana, Crown Princess Lulu, and Lia resort to manipulative tactics. They scheme and plot behind each other’s backs, trying to outdo one another and secure their place in King Do Yoon’s heart.

Emotional Turmoil

With emotions running high and loyalties divided, King Do Yoon finds himself torn between the three women. The love triangle plunges him into a whirlwind of emotional turmoil, forcing him to make difficult decisions that could change the course of his life and kingdom forever.

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