The Christmas Decoration Dilemma

1. Decorating and Baking

Ezra takes on the task of decorating while Amaya and Linus focus on baking a batch of delicious cookies. As Ezra meticulously pipes colorful icing onto the cookies, Amaya and Linus work together to mix the ingredients for the dough and carefully scoop out the perfect portions onto baking sheets.

While Amaya and Linus are busy preparing the cookies, Ezra adds the finishing touches to each one, creating beautiful and intricate designs that make them almost too pretty to eat. The kitchen is filled with the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies, making everyone’s mouths water in anticipation.

With teamwork and coordination, the trio successfully completes the baking and decorating process. Amaya and Linus’ cookies come out of the oven golden brown and perfectly crispy, while Ezra’s artistic decorations add a delightful visual appeal to each treat.

Once the cookies are cooled and ready to be enjoyed, Ezra, Amaya, and Linus gather around the table to taste their creations. The combination of flavors and textures is a hit, with each bite offering a delicious blend of sweetness and crunchiness.

Overall, the decorating and baking session is a success, showcasing the team’s creativity and culinary skills. The trio can’t help but feel proud of their hard work and the delectable treats they have produced together.

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2. Music Requests

Ezra suggests playing a Christmas song, setting off a lively debate among the group. Some members are excited about the idea, eager to embrace the festive spirit and enjoy the holiday tunes. They suggest classic carols and modern hits, discussing which ones would create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion. On the other hand, a few individuals express their reservations, mentioning their preferences for different genres or their dislike for holiday music in general.

The discussion quickly becomes heated as each person defends their viewpoint on the matter. Some argue that Christmas music is an essential part of the holiday season, while others believe that it is overplayed and becomes tiresome after a while. Despite the differing opinions, everyone is passionate about their stance, leading to a lively exchange of arguments and counterarguments.

As the debate continues, Ezra tries to mediate the conversation and find a compromise that will satisfy everyone. He suggests playing a mix of Christmas songs and other popular hits to cater to different tastes within the group. Eventually, a consensus is reached, and the playlist is curated to include a variety of music genres, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the gathering together.

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3. The Song Debate

Amaya suggests a Mariah Carey song, sparking a surprising reaction.

Amaya’s Choice

Amaya excitedly suggests a Mariah Carey song for the upcoming event. She believes that the song perfectly captures the theme and will resonate with the audience.

Surprising Reaction

To everyone’s surprise, Amaya’s choice is met with mixed reactions. Some appreciate her bold choice and creative thinking, while others express concern about the song’s suitability for the event.

Debate Ensues

As the discussion unfolds, different opinions are voiced, leading to a lively debate among the group. Some argue for sticking with a more traditional song, while others advocate for taking a risk and embracing Amaya’s suggestion.


Ultimately, a decision must be made regarding the song choice. Will the group go with Amaya’s bold recommendation, or will they opt for a safer, more conventional option? The outcome of this debate will not only impact the event but also test the dynamics within the group.

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