The Cats of Thunderclan – Among Us in the Skeld

1. Introduction

As the cats of Thunderclan, including members from the Dark Forest, Kittypets, and alternate universe versions, found themselves in the Skeld playing Among Us, chaos ensued. Jayfeather took on the role of the Scientist, utilizing his keen senses and sharp mind to try and figure out who the imposters were. Surprisingly, Tigerclaw was cleared of suspicion early on, proving that he was not one of the imposters.

However, the identity of the two remaining imposters remained a mystery. The tension among the cats grew as accusations were thrown around and alliances were formed. With the fate of Thunderclan hanging in the balance, each cat had to choose their allegiances carefully and trust in their instincts.

Will the cats of Thunderclan be able to uncover the imposters in time to save themselves? Or will the imposters successfully eliminate their fellow crewmates and emerge victorious? Only time will tell as the game of Among Us unfolds in the world of Thunderclan.

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2. Interactions and Suspicions

Hollyleaf and Smudge form a deep connection as they share stories of their pasts. They find common ground in their struggles and fears, forging a bond that strengthens their resolve to survive in the uncertain wilderness.

Meanwhile, Princess and Bluestar stumble upon the lifeless body of Brokenstar, a former leader whose presence once instilled fear in the hearts of many. The discovery sends shockwaves through the group, stirring up accusations and suspicions among the cats.

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3. Ejection of Tigerclaw

Upon receiving multiple votes of suspicion, Tigerclaw’s reputation among the clan is thrown into question. The tension and uncertainty among the cats grows as they struggle to determine the truth behind the accusations. Despite the mounting evidence against him, Tigerclaw is not revealed as one of the Imposters, leaving the cats torn between their distrust and the lack of concrete proof.

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