The Caretaker of Young England

1. Babysitting Duties

Scotland takes on the responsibility of looking after young England within the royal household, assuming the role of caretaker. This involves a variety of tasks, including ensuring England’s safety, providing meals and snacks, helping with homework, and overseeing playtime activities. Scotland also helps England get ready for bed, reading bedtime stories, and ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Additionally, Scotland offers emotional support to England, being there to comfort and console during times of distress or insecurity. The relationship between Scotland and England goes beyond mere supervision; it is one of mentorship and guidance. Scotland imparts wisdom and guidance, teaching England important life lessons and fostering a sense of independence and responsibility.

Overall, Scotland’s babysitting duties extend far beyond simply watching over England. It involves nurturing and shaping England’s character, instilling values and morals, and creating a supportive and loving environment within the royal household.

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2. A Tender Moment

Scotland discovers England in his crib, clutching onto a small bear plushie and sipping from a sippy cup. England looks surprisingly vulnerable in this fleeting moment of innocence, his usual tough exterior melted away.

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3. Comfort and Care

Even though Scotland and England have their differences, Scotland always showers England with care and provides comfort in their time together. Whether it’s through a comforting hug or a listening ear, Scotland is always there to support England through thick and thin.

During challenging times, Scotland goes out of its way to make sure that England feels loved and supported. Whether it’s through small gestures like making a cup of tea or sending an encouraging text, Scotland’s caring nature never goes unnoticed. England knows that no matter what happens, they can always rely on Scotland for comfort.

In times of celebration, Scotland is right by England’s side, cheering them on and sharing in their joy. Scotland’s presence brings a sense of warmth and happiness to England, making every moment together special and memorable. Despite any disagreements or differences of opinion, the bond between Scotland and England is unbreakable, rooted in a deep sense of care and comfort.

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