The Businessman’s Proposal

1. Sehun’s Decision

Sehun, a successful businessman, realizes he needs a child to secure his legacy but is not interested in marriage.

After years of building his business empire, Sehun found himself at a crossroads. Despite his wealth and success, he pondered over the fact that he needed to secure his legacy. Reflecting on his life, he came to the realization that having a child was essential to ensure that his name would live on for generations to come.

However, Sehun was adamant that he did not want to enter into the institution of marriage. He valued his independence and was cautious of any commitment that would compromise his freedom. This posed a dilemma for him as he struggled to reconcile his desire for a child with his reluctance to tie himself down in a marital relationship.

After much contemplation, Sehun made the bold decision to pursue fatherhood on his own terms. He was determined to find a way to fulfill his wish for a child while maintaining his independence. With his sharp business acumen and resources at his disposal, he embarked on a journey to explore alternative paths to parenthood.

Sehun’s decision to chart his own course towards fatherhood marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life. As he delved into the possibilities that lay before him, he remained resolute in his determination to create a legacy that would endure beyond his own lifetime.

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2. The Search for a Wife

Sehun instructs his subordinate, Taehyung, to identify a suitable woman who meets his criteria in exchange for monetary compensation.

Sehun’s specific requirements for a potential wife are clear and non-negotiable, leading Taehyung to carefully consider each candidate before presenting them to his boss. The search for the perfect match becomes a top priority for both Sehun and Taehyung, as the stakes are high and the pressure is on to find a woman who fits the bill.

Taehyung diligently scours through his connections and network to find a woman who embodies all the qualities Sehun is looking for. As the search intensifies, Taehyung must navigate through various potential candidates and narrow down the options to the one who ticks all the boxes for Sehun.

With time ticking away and the pressure mounting, Taehyung must act swiftly and decisively to secure a wife for Sehun. The task at hand is not just about finding any woman, but about finding the one who can meet Sehun’s stringent requirements and become his partner in life.

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3. Jisoo’s Dilemma

Desperate to pay for her father’s medicine, Jisoo finds herself facing a difficult decision. With her father’s health deteriorating rapidly and no way to afford the medication he needs, she feels hopeless and lost. That’s when Sehun, a wealthy and influential man, approaches her with an offer that could change her life.

Sehun proposes that Jisoo become his “wife” in exchange for a substantial amount of money. At first, Jisoo is taken aback by the offer and hesitant to accept. However, the thought of being able to afford her father’s treatment pushes her to consider Sehun’s proposition. She knows nothing about his true intentions or the consequences of agreeing to his proposal.

Caught between love for her father and uncertainty about Sehun’s motives, Jisoo grapples with the dilemma before her. Should she sacrifice her principles and enter into a questionable arrangement for the sake of her father’s health? Or is there another solution that she has yet to discover?

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4. The Arranged Marriage

Sehun and Jisoo find themselves in an unexpected situation – entering into a contract marriage. Both of them had no idea that this arrangement would bring about unforeseen emotions and feelings between them. What was supposed to be a simple agreement soon turns into something much more complex.

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5. The Unforeseen Heir

As Jisoo becomes pregnant with Sehun’s child, both must navigate the complexities of their unconventional relationship and the future of their unexpected family.

Navigating an Unconventional Relationship

With the news of Jisoo’s pregnancy, both she and Sehun find themselves embarking on a journey that they never anticipated. Their relationship, once uncomplicated, is now filled with uncertainties and challenges as they try to come to terms with the unexpected turn of events.

The Future of an Unexpected Family

As they prepare for the arrival of their child, Jisoo and Sehun are faced with important decisions that will shape the future of their family. They must grapple with questions of parenthood, commitment, and the impact of their choices on both themselves and their child.

Complexities and Challenges

Throughout this new chapter in their lives, Jisoo and Sehun must learn to navigate the complexities of their situation. They will face judgment from others, internal struggles, and the need to redefine their relationship in order to create a stable and loving environment for their growing family.

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