The Business of Pred-Only Toilets

1. Mrs. Zaina’s Unique Business Idea

Mrs. Zaina, a housewife in Depok, Indonesia, came up with a truly unique business idea – special prayer-only toilets for Muslim women. These toilets are designed to cater to the specific needs of Muslim women who require a dedicated space for their daily prayers.

By creating these specialized facilities, Mrs. Zaina has not only filled a gap in the market but also provided a solution to a common problem faced by many Muslim women. These prayer-only toilets offer privacy and comfort, allowing women to perform their religious duties without any distractions or interruptions.

Through her innovative idea, Mrs. Zaina has not only created a business opportunity for herself but also contributed to the community by promoting inclusivity and accessibility for Muslim women. Her dedication and ingenuity have earned her recognition and praise from customers and the local community.

Overall, Mrs. Zaina’s unique business idea showcases the power of entrepreneurship and the importance of addressing unmet needs in society. Her initiative serves as an inspiration for other aspiring entrepreneurs to think outside the box and make a positive impact on their communities.

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2. The Pricing and Operation

Mrs. Zaina offers her toilet cleaning services at a competitive rate of 20,000 rupiah per toilet. This pricing includes a thorough cleaning to ensure the toilet is sparkling clean and free of any dirt or grime. Customers can rest easy knowing that their toilet will be professionally cleaned to the highest standards.

In the event that a toilet is clogged, Mrs. Zaina charges a fixed rate of 50,000 rupiah for unclogging services. This price covers the cost of the necessary tools and equipment to effectively clear any blockages and restore the toilet to proper working condition.

Customers can trust Mrs. Zaina to provide reliable and efficient service at affordable prices. With her expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, she ensures that every toilet she cleans or unclogs meets the highest standards of cleanliness and functionality.

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3. Rareness and Necessity of Pred-Only Toilets

In Indonesia, pred-only toilets are not readily available, making them a rare commodity in the country. However, the need for such facilities is growing. With the increasing awareness of the importance of promoting gender equality and inclusivity, pred-only toilets are becoming more essential in public spaces.

Currently, most public restrooms in Indonesia are designed without considering the specific needs of menstruating individuals. This lack of consideration can lead to discomfort and inconvenience for individuals who require privacy and proper facilities during their menstrual cycle. Pred-only toilets provide a safe and hygienic space for individuals to manage their menstrual needs without fear of judgment or inadequate facilities.

As the demand for pred-only toilets continues to rise, it is crucial for public facilities to accommodate these needs. Providing pred-only toilets not only ensures the comfort and dignity of menstruating individuals but also promotes a more inclusive and gender-sensitive environment in Indonesia. By recognizing the importance of pred-only toilets and taking steps to make them more accessible, the country can move towards a more equitable society for all.

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4. Mrs. Zaina’s Starting Point

As the sun rises, Mrs. Zaina, a 9-month pregnant woman, starts her day like any other day. She begins her morning with prayers, seeking blessings for her new business venture. With determination in her heart and a firm belief in herself, she opens the doors of her business. The morning breeze carries a sense of anticipation as Mrs. Zaina takes her first steps into this new chapter of her life.

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5. The First Customer Approaches

As Mrs. Zaina prepares her stall for a new day of business, a woman with a noticeable baby bump approaches. Dressed in traditional Muslim attire, the woman kindly asks to use the toilet facilities provided by Mrs. Zaina. With a warm smile, Mrs. Zaina welcomes the soon-to-be mother and directs her to the restroom area.

The Muslim mother expresses gratitude for the clean and well-maintained facilities, mentioning that it can be challenging to find suitable restrooms while out and about. Mrs. Zaina reassures her that her stall is open to everyone, regardless of background or beliefs.

Observing the pregnant woman’s discomfort, Mrs. Zaina offers her a chair to sit and rest for a moment before continuing her day. The woman gratefully accepts the gesture, visibly relieved to have found a place where she feels welcomed and cared for.

As the woman leaves the restroom, she expresses her thanks once more and shares that she will be sure to recommend Mrs. Zaina’s stall to her friends and community members. Mrs. Zaina beams with pride, knowing that her commitment to providing a safe and inclusive space has made a positive impact on at least one person’s day.

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