The Building of the Windmill at Animal Farm

1. Winter Troubles

As the cold winter sets in, Mollie’s behavior starts causing trouble among the group. She begins acting mysteriously, sneaking away when she thinks no one is watching, and engaging in suspicious activities. This behavior leads to tension among the other animals, who start to question Mollie’s loyalty to the farm and the principles they all agreed upon.

As the days pass, Mollie’s actions become more erratic, and she becomes increasingly distant from the rest of the animals. Despite attempts to confront her about her behavior, Mollie remains evasive and refuses to explain herself. The other animals grow more and more concerned about her intentions and the potential threat she poses to the unity of the farm.

One day, the animals wake up to find that Mollie has disappeared completely. Her stable is empty, and there is no sign of her anywhere on the farm. The animals are left wondering what has happened to her and whether she will ever return.

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2. Rumours and Disputes

Rumours of treason and disagreements between Snowball and Napoleon cause division among the animals.

Rumours of Treason

The spread of rumours regarding possible treason among the animals sparked fear and suspicion within the farm. Accusations and distrust overshadowed the unity that once existed, creating a sense of unease and tension.

Disagreements between Snowball and Napoleon

The growing rift between Snowball and Napoleon further deepened the divisions on the farm. Their differing ideologies and contrasting leadership styles led to open disputes and power struggles, leaving the animals unsure of who to trust and follow.

As the rumours intensified and the disagreements escalated, the once harmonious community of animals found themselves caught in a web of uncertainty and fear. The struggle for power and dominance clouded their judgment and threatened to tear apart the very foundation of their society.

Amidst the chaos and confusion, the animals faced a critical decision – to stand together in solidarity against the forces of discord or to succumb to the manipulative tactics of their scheming leaders.

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3. The Windmill Proposal

Snowball puts forward the idea of constructing a windmill, which ignites heated discussions and strong opposition from Napoleon. The proposal creates a divide among the animals, with some eagerly supporting the initiative while others align with Napoleon’s skepticism.

As Snowball elaborates on the potential benefits of the windmill, highlighting how it can provide electricity and make life easier for all the animals on the farm, Napoleon grows increasingly wary. He raises doubts about the feasibility of the project and questions Snowball’s motives.

The debates intensify as both sides present their arguments, with Snowball emphasizing the long-term advantages of the windmill and Napoleon focusing on immediate concerns. Tensions rise as the animals are forced to choose between their loyalty to Snowball and their trust in Napoleon.

The windmill proposal becomes a symbol of the ideological differences between Snowball and Napoleon, showcasing their contrasting visions for the future of the farm. The rift deepens as the animals grapple with conflicting opinions and struggle to navigate the complexities of leadership and decision-making.

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4. Expulsion of Snowball

After the sudden expulsion of Snowball by Napoleon, a significant shift in leadership occurred within the farm. With Snowball gone, Napoleon quickly rose to power and took full control of the farm. The expulsion of Snowball signified the end of any hope for a fair and democratic society on the farm. Napoleon’s actions were strategic and calculated, as he used the dogs as enforcers to solidify his authority over the other animals.

The rise of the dogs as enforcers represented a new era of fear and oppression on the farm. The animals now lived in constant fear of retribution if they dared to challenge Napoleon’s rule. The expulsion of Snowball not only silenced a vocal and influential leader but also instilled a sense of terror among the animals, who realized the extent of Napoleon’s power and ruthlessness.

With Snowball out of the picture, Napoleon became the sole decision-maker on the farm, ruling with an iron fist and imposing his will upon the other animals. The expulsion of Snowball marked a turning point in the dynamics of the farm, as the once-idealistic vision of equality and solidarity gave way to tyranny and oppression under Napoleon’s rule.

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5. Change in Plans

Napoleon’s abrupt decision to move forward with the windmill project caught the animals off guard, causing confusion and dismay among them. The sudden change in plans left many wondering about the motive behind this unexpected move.

Squealer, Napoleon’s loyal propagandist, stepped in to provide an explanation for the bewildered animals. However, his words were filled with manipulation and deception, as he attempted to justify Napoleon’s actions and alleviate any doubts or concerns.

Despite Squealer’s attempts to reassure the animals, skepticism and unease lingered in the air. The animals couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right about Napoleon’s decision-making and the direction in which the farm was heading.

The windmill project, initially conceived as a symbol of progress and self-sufficiency for the animals, now seemed to represent something entirely different. The animals struggled to understand why their leader would prioritize a construction project over their well-being and comfort.

As whispers of dissent and suspicion circulated among the animals, Napoleon’s hold on power seemed to tighten. The change in plans had created a rift within the farm, leading to distrust and division among the once-united animals.

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