The Blue-Eyed Naagins

1. Naagins’ Request to Lord Shiva

Twenty identical naagin females in Naaglok come together to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. They fervently request Lord Shiva for a special gift – blue eyes that would elevate one of them to the prestigious position of naagrani, the queen of the naagins. Each naagin pleads with intense devotion, hoping to be chosen for this esteemed role.

As they bow before Lord Shiva, their scales shimmering in the divine light, the naagins express their deep desire to serve their community with wisdom, power, and grace. They believe that possessing blue eyes would not only enhance their physical appearance but also signify their readiness to lead and protect their fellow naagins.

The naagins’ request is accompanied by offerings of fragrant flowers, incense, and sacred chants, creating an atmosphere of reverence and sanctity. With unwavering faith and unity, they seek Lord Shiva’s blessing to bestow upon one of them the mark of naagrani, a symbol of authority and responsibility.

Through their humble entreaty, the naagins demonstrate their readiness to embrace the duties and challenges that come with being naagrani. Their hearts are filled with hope and anticipation as they await Lord Shiva’s divine response to their heartfelt plea.

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2. Lord Shiva’s Blessing

Lord Shiva bestows blue eyes upon all 20 naagin females, causing widespread confusion and anger among them. The once identical group of naagins now find themselves with strikingly unique features, leading to jealousy and rivalry. Each naagin possesses a different shade of blue in her eyes, ranging from the palest baby blue to the deepest navy. Some naagins embrace their newfound individuality, while others resent the change brought upon them by Lord Shiva’s blessing.

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3. Argument Before Mata Parvati

As they stood before Mata Parvati, the two blue-eyed naagins engaged in a heated argument, each claiming to be the rightful naagrani. Their voices echoed through the divine chamber, filled with emotion and intensity.

One naagin, with fiery determination in her eyes, spoke passionately about her loyalty to the clan and her unwavering dedication to upholding its traditions. She argued that her leadership would bring prosperity and harmony to their community.

The other naagin, with a cool and calculated demeanor, presented her case with logic and strategy. She emphasized her years of experience and wisdom, claiming that she possessed the skills needed to navigate the challenges ahead.

Mata Parvati listened to their arguments with a serene expression, her gaze steady and wise. As the two naagins continued to plead their cases, the air crackled with tension, each word weighing heavily in the balance.

At the end of their presentations, Mata Parvati raised her hand for silence and spoke, her voice gentle yet commanding. She announced that a test would be conducted to determine the true naagrani, one that would reveal the naagin whose heart beat in harmony with the divine will.

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4. Parvati’s Dilemma

Parvati finds herself in a difficult situation as she tries to decide who will be the next naagrani. She knows that all the naagin females are equally favored by Lord Shiva, making the decision even more challenging.

As she ponders over her options, Parvati realizes the weight of this decision. The naagrani is not just a title; it comes with great responsibility and the power to lead their community. Each naagin is strong, wise, and devoted to their duties, making it difficult for Parvati to choose just one.

Parvati seeks guidance from Lord Shiva, but even he leaves the decision in her hands. She knows that whoever she selects will carry on the legacy of the previous naagrani. Their actions will shape the future of their kind, and Parvati wants to make sure she chooses someone who is worthy of such an important role.

She spends days contemplating, weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Finally, after much deliberation and soul-searching, Parvati makes her decision. She knows that it will not be easy, but she is confident that she has chosen the right naagrani to lead their community into the future.

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