The Blue Eyed Naagin Females

1. Argument Amongst Naagins

A cluster of less than one hundred identical blue-eyed naagin females encircle Mata Parvati, each vying for the title of naagrani by asserting their possession of the coveted blue eyes.

As they gather in a circle, their scales shimmering in the dim light of the cave, tension runs high amongst the group. Each naagin believes she is the rightful heir to the position of naagrani, a title that carries great power and responsibility within the serpent community.

Mata Parvati, sitting calmly amidst the chaos of whispers and hisses, listens to each claim intently. Her wise eyes survey the group, seeking the one whose heart is pure and intentions are noble. The naagins, however, are too consumed by their own desires to notice her silent scrutiny.

Arguments break out amongst the naagins, each trying to outshine the other with tales of their courage and loyalty to the serpent realm. Some naagins resort to cunning words and manipulation, while others rely on intimidation and brute force to make their case.

Despite the chaos and discord, Mata Parvati remains composed, her serene presence casting a calming influence over the group. She knows that the true naagrani will reveal herself not through boasts or aggression, but through humility and selflessness.

And so the argument amongst the naagins rages on, each one determined to prove her worthiness to claim the title of naagrani, oblivious to the subtle tests being conducted by Mata Parvati herself.

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