The Blue-Eyed Naagin

1. The Blessing

Legend has it that ten naagin females once gathered to pray to Lord Shiva, the powerful deity believed to be the source of their mystical powers. With scales shimmering in the moonlight, they bowed their heads and fervently sought his blessings. Their request was not trivial – they desired to possess the rare trait of blue eyes, a mark of distinction among their kind.

In the heart of the sacred jungle, illuminated by the gentle glow of fireflies, the ten naagins chanted ancient incantations and offered fragrant jasmine flowers at the feet of the deity. They believed that only one among them should be chosen as the naagrani, the queen of their clan. This coveted title came with great power and responsibility, and the naagins knew that they must prove their worthiness to claim it.

As their voices rose in harmonious unity, their eyes glittered with hope and determination. Each of the ten females yearned to stand out from the rest, to be the chosen one who would lead their clan to a glorious future. The air was thick with anticipation, and the mystical energy of their prayers seemed to intertwine with the very fabric of the universe.

Thus, under the watchful gaze of Lord Shiva, the ten naagins beseeched for his divine intervention, seeking the blessing that would set them apart and determine their fate. Little did they know that their request would set in motion a series of events that would test their courage, loyalty, and ultimately reveal the true naagrani among them.

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2. The Dilemma

Lord Shiva’s decision to grant all ten naagin females blue eyes caused a sudden wave of confusion and anger to sweep through the group. Previously, each naagin had their distinct eye color, which they wore with pride as a symbol of their identity and lineage. Now, with this unexpected change, they found themselves grappling with a dilemma.

Some naagins couldn’t bear the thought of losing their unique eye color, feeling a deep sense of loss and betrayal. They questioned Lord Shiva’s motives behind this sudden alteration, wondering if there was a hidden message or lesson to be learned from this change. Others were more practical, trying to adapt to their new appearance and find ways to differentiate themselves in other ways.

This dilemma created rifts within the naagin community, leading to heated debates and disagreements. Some naagins believed that they should accept Lord Shiva’s decision without question, while others felt the need to stand up and voice their concerns. The once harmonious group was now divided, with tensions running high.

As the naagins grappled with their newfound dilemma, they realized that this change went beyond just their physical appearance. It challenged their sense of self and forced them to reevaluate their identities in ways they had never imagined.

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3. The Arguments

The blue-eyed naagin females engage in heated arguments around Mata Parvati, each fervently claiming that she should be the rightful naagrani. Their voices rise, each one trying to outdo the other in asserting their qualifications for the coveted position. Some argue based on their lineage, emphasizing their royal blood and long history of serving the naagin community. Others point to their formidable strength and cunning nature, claiming that these traits make them the most suitable to lead and protect the naagin tribe.

As the arguments escalate, tensions rise among the group. Some naagin females resort to elaborate displays of their mystical powers, trying to impress and convince their peers of their superiority. The air crackles with energy as dazzling displays of magic light up the surroundings, adding an extra layer of intensity to the debate.

In the midst of the chaos, Mata Parvati listens attentively, her divine presence calming the agitated naagin females. She patiently waits for the right moment to intervene and make her decision. The intensity of the arguments gradually subsides, giving way to a tense silence as the naagin females anxiously await the verdict of their beloved goddess.

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4. The Decision

After much contemplation, Mata Parvati realizes that the decision of who should be naagrani cannot be made solely by her. She understands that all ten naagin females are equally blessed by Lord Shiva, and each of them possesses unique qualities that make them deserving of the prestigious title.

As the conflict within her grows, Mata Parvati decides to seek guidance from Lord Shiva himself. She retreats to a secluded spot in the forest, where she meditates and prays for clarity. After days of intense meditation, Mata Parvati finally receives a divine vision.

The Divine Vision

In her vision, Mata Parvati sees all ten naagin females standing before her, their radiant forms glowing with divine energy. Each of them presents their case, explaining why they believe they should be naagrani. Mata Parvati listens intently, taking in their words and considering their arguments.

After hearing from all the naagin females, Mata Parvati notices a subtle sign from Lord Shiva. A gentle breeze blows through the forest, carrying with it a sweet fragrance that surrounds one particular naagin. Mata Parvati understands this as a signal from Lord Shiva, indicating his choice.

The Chosen One

With her heart filled with divine guidance, Mata Parvati approaches the naagin enveloped in the fragrant breeze and declares her the naagrani. The other nine naagin females bow in respect, accepting Mata Parvati’s decision and the will of Lord Shiva.

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