The Black Mirror: Part Three

1. Conversation with Bates

Samuel attempts to gather information about William by engaging in a conversation with Bates, the unyielding and reserved individual who guards the secrets of the castle. Despite Samuel’s persistent inquiries, Bates remains reluctant to divulge any details about William, leaving Samuel with unanswered questions and a growing sense of curiosity. As their conversation progresses, Samuel’s attention is drawn to a peculiar symbol etched into the ground just outside the castle walls.

The symbol appears ancient and unfamiliar, sparking Samuel’s interest and prompting him to wonder about its significance. Could it be linked to William or the castle’s mysterious past? Samuel contemplates the potential connections between the symbol and the secrets that seem to shroud the castle and its inhabitants. As he delves deeper into his investigation, Samuel becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the symbol and its implications for William and the castle itself.

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2. Exploration of the Second Floor

As Samuel ascends to the second floor, his heart races with anticipation. The musty air fills his nostrils as he cautiously explores the dimly lit hallway. His footsteps echo off the walls, creating an eerie atmosphere.

Amidst the dust and cobwebs, Samuel’s eyes land on a yellowed piece of paper. It’s a note from Dr. Herman, cryptically hinting at a possible connection between Robert and himself. Samuel’s mind races as he tries to decipher the hidden message within the doctor’s words.

Just then, Robert emerges from a shadowy corner, a solemn expression on his face. With a heavy heart, he begins to reveal the long-buried secrets surrounding William’s untimely demise. Samuel listens intently, absorbing every word like a sponge.

The truth unfolds before Samuel’s eyes, shedding light on the dark events that have haunted the mansion for so long. As the pieces of the puzzle start to come together, Samuel realizes the magnitude of the revelations he has uncovered.

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3. Investigation of Samuel’s Room

Upon entering the dimly lit room, Samuel’s eyes fell upon a portrait hanging on the wall. As he approached it, he realized it was a painting of his late wife, Catherine. Memories flooded his mind as he remembered her warm smile and gentle touch. However, his pleasant reminiscences soon gave way to a painful truth that he uncovered about her death.

Turning his attention away from the portrait, Samuel’s gaze landed on a wallet lying on the bedside table. Curiosity piqued, he opened it to discover a valuable item tucked inside. The significance of this finding was not lost on him, as it revealed a different side to the story he thought he knew.

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4. Request to Robert

Samuel approaches Robert and politely requests to borrow a photography film for his upcoming project. As they chat, Robert casually mentions a hidden chest located in the attic of the mansion. Intrigued by this revelation, Samuel expresses his interest in exploring the mysterious chest. He thanks Robert for the information and eagerly plans to investigate the attic later.

Excited about the adventure ahead, Samuel seeks the assistance of Bates, the household servant, to help him start a fire in the fireplace of his room. Bates, always willing to lend a hand, agrees to help Samuel with the task. Together, they gather firewood and kindling to ignite a warm fire in the room’s fireplace.

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