The Betrayal of Trust

1. Yuzhong’s Decision

Yuzhong makes the difficult decision to take a vacation, knowing that his wife Luo Yi is sick and needs care. Despite feeling torn about leaving her side, he ultimately decides that he needs a break and some time to recharge. Yuzhong realizes that for him to be the best caregiver for Luo Yi, he must also take care of himself.

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2. Zhuxin’s True Intentions

After Yuzhong departs, Zhuxin discloses her true feelings for him and disregards Luo Yi’s care.

Once Yuzhong takes his leave, Zhuxin can no longer contain her emotions. Her facade crumbles, revealing a deep-rooted affection for Yuzhong that she had been concealing. Despite Luo Yi’s attentive care and concern, Zhuxin remains fixated on Yuzhong, oblivious to everything else around her. Her true intentions become clear as she becomes more distant from Luo Yi, who is left bewildered by Zhuxin’s sudden change in behavior. The once harmonious atmosphere is now tainted with tension, as Zhuxin’s feelings threaten to disrupt the peace that Luo Yi had worked so hard to maintain.

As Zhuxin continues to prioritize her feelings for Yuzhong over everything else, including her friendship with Luo Yi, the dynamics between the three of them become increasingly strained. Despite Luo Yi’s attempts to bridge the growing divide, Zhuxin remains resolute in her affection for Yuzhong, leaving Luo Yi feeling isolated and grappling with the realization that their friendship may not be as unshakeable as she once believed.

This revelation of Zhuxin’s true intentions not only complicates the relationships between the three friends but also sets the stage for further conflict and heartache as they navigate the complexities of their emotions and loyalties.

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3. Abuse and Neglect

After Zhuxin’s cruel behavior escalated, Luo Yi found herself subjected to abuse and neglect. Zhuxin’s actions left Luo Yi hungry, physically weaker, and emotionally shattered. Zhuxin’s mistreatment gradually took a toll on Luo Yi’s well-being, as she endured not only physical suffering but also severe emotional distress. The abuse and neglect inflicted by Zhuxin on Luo Yi were relentless, pushing her to the brink of despair.

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