The Beginning

1. I should’ve died that day

As Zoe reflects on the events of that fateful day, she can’t help but acknowledge the harsh truth that she should’ve died. The near-death experience has forced her to come face to face with the reality of her actions and decisions. Running from her problems for so long has only made them grow bigger and more daunting. It is finally time for Zoe to stop evading her fears and confront them head-on.

Although the thought of facing her problems head-on is terrifying, Zoe knows deep down that it is the only way she can truly move forward and find peace. The fear of death that loomed over her that day serves as a wake-up call, pushing her to make the necessary changes in her life.

Zoe realizes that running from her problems will only lead to more pain and regret. It is time for her to take control of her life and make the necessary changes to ensure her well-being. The near-death experience has given her a newfound perspective on life and a sense of urgency to address the issues that have been holding her back.

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