The Battle for Control

1. Introduction

Within the vast expanse of Jennifer Walters’ mind, a peculiar scene is unfolding. A collection of identical comic She-Hulks, clad in matching skirt outfits, stand in a heated circle. Each one is fiercely intent on gaining control over Jennifer’s physical form this time around. The tension in the air is palpable as each She-Hulk places her right hand on a luminous green crystal ball that sits prominently at the center of their gathering.

It is a surreal sight, this gathering of She-Hulks within the confines of Jennifer’s consciousness. Their determination is evident in the way they lock eyes, each one vying for dominance over the shared vessel they inhabit. The empty grand hall serves as a backdrop to their internal struggle, the only witnesses to their silent battle being the towering walls that enclose them.

As the She-Hulks continue to dispute amongst themselves, the stakes of their conflict become increasingly apparent. The green crystal ball, a symbol of power and authority, remains the coveted object of their desires. With each one adamant in her resolve, it becomes clear that only one will emerge victorious in this internal struggle for control.

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