The Bath Time Adventure

1. Getting Ready

Before heading to bed, Moydodyr informed the little girl that it was time to get ready for the night. The first step in their routine was to wash up in the bathroom. The little girl was told that she would have her teeth cleaned and her hair washed with soap.

As the little girl entered the bathroom, she could see the warm glow of the night light illuminating the space. Moydodyr showed her where the toothbrush and toothpaste were kept, encouraging her to brush her teeth thoroughly to keep them healthy and strong. The little girl carefully followed Moydodyr’s instructions, making sure to brush every tooth front and back.

After her teeth were clean, Moydodyr handed the little girl a soft towel and led her to the bathtub. The water was warm and inviting, and Moydodyr poured a small amount of soap into the girl’s hands. The little girl lathered up her hair, enjoying the scent of the soap as she worked it into a rich lather. Moydodyr helped her rinse out the suds, making sure that all the soap was washed away.

Feeling fresh and clean, the little girl was ready to head to bed. Moydodyr reminded her of the importance of good hygiene and taking care of herself. With a final goodnight, the little girl climbed into bed, feeling content and cared for.

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