The Baby Blues

1. Baby Blues

Izuku and Bakugou are happily married and expecting a child, but Izuku’s pregnancy hormones lead to a sudden outburst of emotions.

As Izuku’s due date approaches, he begins to experience mood swings and intense emotions that he can’t always control. One moment he may be overjoyed at the thought of becoming a father, and the next he could be in tears for seemingly no reason at all. Bakugou does his best to support his husband through these fluctuations, offering comfort and reassurance whenever needed.

Despite the challenges presented by Izuku’s pregnancy hormones, the couple remains excited and hopeful for the arrival of their baby. They spend hours decorating the nursery, picking out tiny clothes, and discussing names for their little one. These moments of joy help to balance out the more difficult emotional episodes Izuku experiences.

Through it all, Bakugou remains a steady, unwavering presence by Izuku’s side, never once faltering in his support. He understands that these mood swings are a normal part of pregnancy and that Izuku needs understanding and patience during this time. Their love for each other only grows stronger as they navigate this new chapter in their lives together.

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2. Support System

Bakugou turned to his parents for guidance when dealing with Izuku’s unpredictable mood swings. At first, he struggled to understand and be patient with his friend’s emotional fluctuations. However, through open conversations with his parents, Bakugou learned valuable lessons on how to approach the situation with empathy and compassion.

His parents shared their own experiences with him, reminding Bakugou of the importance of listening and showing understanding towards others. They emphasized the significance of providing support to those in need, especially during challenging times.

Through these discussions, Bakugou gained a new perspective on how to handle Izuku’s emotional rollercoaster. He discovered the power of kindness and patience in strengthening relationships and providing comfort to friends in distress.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, Bakugou approached Izuku with a more compassionate mindset, ready to support him through his highs and lows. Their friendship blossomed as Bakugou applied the advice from his parents, becoming a reliable source of understanding and support for Izuku.

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3. Breakfast Surprise

One morning, Bakugou decided to surprise Izuku with a delicious breakfast. As Izuku entered the kitchen, he was greeted by the enticing aroma of freshly cooked pancakes and sizzling bacon. Bakugou had gone out of his way to prepare a hearty meal for his pregnant spouse, showcasing his love and care in a tangible way.

Izuku’s eyes lit up with delight as he saw the spread on the table. He couldn’t help but smile at the thoughtfulness behind Bakugou’s actions. It was a touching gesture that warmed Izuku’s heart and made him feel incredibly loved.

As they sat down to eat, Bakugou couldn’t help but steal glances at Izuku, his eyes filled with adoration. The meal was delicious, but the company was even better. They shared stories and laughter, enjoying each other’s presence in the quiet morning hours.

After breakfast, Bakugou helped clean up the dishes, refusing to let Izuku lift a finger. His care and consideration extended beyond just the meal, further exemplifying his commitment to supporting Izuku during this special time in their lives.

With a full stomach and a full heart, Izuku felt grateful for having Bakugou by his side. The breakfast surprise was a simple yet powerful reminder of the depth of Bakugou’s love and the bond they shared as a couple.

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4. Communication is Key

Izuku and Bakugou sit down and have a much-needed heart-to-heart conversation. They both express their feelings and fears to each other, allowing a new level of understanding to develop between them. Through open and honest communication, they are able to address the issues that have been causing friction between them.

As they talk, they realize that they both want the same thing – to succeed as heroes and support each other along the way. By sharing their thoughts and emotions, they are able to come up with a plan to work together better and overcome any challenges that may come their way.

By learning to communicate effectively with each other, Izuku and Bakugou strengthen their bond and become a more formidable team. They discover that talking things out not only helps them solve problems, but also brings them closer together as friends and allies.

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5. Bonding Time

During this phase, the couple dedicates quality time to each other, focusing on strengthening their relationship in anticipation of the arrival of their baby. It is a crucial period where the couple can connect on a deeper level, ensuring they are ready to face the challenges of parenthood together.

Quality Time Together

The couple engages in activities that bring them closer together, such as romantic dates, leisurely walks, or even quiet evenings at home. It is essential for them to nurture their bond and communication skills during this period.

Strengthening Their Relationship

Through open communication and mutual support, the couple works on building a strong foundation for their relationship. They address any issues or concerns they may have, creating a healthy environment for both themselves and their future child.

Preparing for the Arrival of Their Baby

As they enjoy their bonding time, the couple also takes the opportunity to prepare for the arrival of their baby. This could involve attending prenatal classes, setting up the nursery, or making important decisions regarding the birth plan.

Embracing Parenthood Together

By spending quality time together, the couple not only strengthens their bond but also prepares themselves mentally and emotionally for the responsibilities of parenthood. They support each other through this journey, knowing that they are in it together.

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