The Argument of the Sisters

1. The Queen Mother’s Passing

Ten identical young sisters, all born at the same time, gathered in the grand hall. The hall was eerily empty, save for the sisters who were dressed in their late mother’s golden saree. The sisters stood together, a solemn silence enveloping them as they paid homage to their beloved Queen Mother.

Each sister, a mirror image of the other, shared a deep bond with the Queen Mother. They were her legacy, her pride, and her heart. The golden saree they wore symbolized not just her regal grace, but also the unbreakable bond that tied them together.

As they stood in the grand hall, memories of the Queen Mother flooded their minds. Her laughter, her wisdom, her love – all echoed in the emptiness around them. The sisters felt a profound loss, a void that could never be filled. Yet, they also felt her presence, her spirit lingering in the hall like a comforting embrace.

In their matching golden sarees, the sisters stood as a united front, a testament to the Queen Mother’s strength and legacy. Though she had passed on, her memory lived on in each of them, a guiding light in the darkness that now surrounded them. And as they stood together, a newfound determination sparkled in their eyes – a determination to carry on their mother’s legacy with pride and dignity.

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2. The Dispute

As the discussion escalates, the sisters find themselves entangled in a heated argument, each vehemently proclaiming to be the eldest among them. Their voices rise, echoing off the walls of the small room they are gathered in. Despite the tension filling the air, there is an air of sorrow underlying their words, for they are reminded of their dear mother who passed away not too long ago.

With tears welling up in their eyes, they all point out the common thread that binds them together – their beautiful brown eyes, a trait inherited from their beloved mother. Each sister recalls memories of their mother’s warm gaze, how it brought them comfort and reassurance through the years. They find solace in the familiar sight of each other’s eyes, a tangible reminder of the woman they all held dear.

The dispute, though seemingly trivial, runs deep, touching upon the core of their identities and shared lineage. It is not just a matter of who is the eldest, but a reflection of the strong bond they share as sisters, united by blood and memory. Through their argument, a sense of unity emerges, despite the surface-level discord. As they continue to debate, the sisters unknowingly draw closer to one another, finding strength in their collective history and the legacy left behind by their mother.

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