The Argument at Hogwarts

1. Introduction

Moaning Myrtle and Lucius Malfoy find themselves embroiled in a heated argument within the hallowed halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The source of their discord stems from a student’s house affiliation, a topic of great importance within the walls of this renowned magical institution.

Moaning Myrtle, the resident ghost of the girls’ bathroom, known for her wailing and penchant for drama, passionately defends the honor of the student in question, who belongs to her beloved house. Lucius Malfoy, a well-known and influential figure in the wizarding community, represents a different house and staunchly opposes Myrtle’s viewpoint.

As the argument escalates, emotions run high, with accusations and counter-arguments flying back and forth. Each party is unwavering in their allegiance to their respective houses, unwilling to back down in the face of opposition. The tension in the air is palpable, and onlookers can sense that this clash of ideologies will not end easily.

Within the walls of Hogwarts, where house pride and loyalty run deep, disputes such as these are not uncommon. However, the intensity of this particular confrontation between Moaning Myrtle and Lucius Malfoy hints at underlying tensions and complexities that go beyond a simple disagreement over house affiliation.

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2. Moaning Myrtle’s Defense

When Malfoy raised objections to Esmeralda staying in Gryffindor, Moaning Myrtle was quick to come to her defense. She fervently argued that Esmeralda had every right to remain in Gryffindor, emphasizing her loyalty and bravery. Myrtle passionately recounted several instances where Esmeralda had displayed courage and stood up for her friends, including Malfoy himself. She pointed out that it was unfair to judge Esmeralda based on her family background or money, as everyone deserved a chance to prove themselves in the wizarding world.

Despite Malfoy’s attempts to undermine Esmeralda’s place in Gryffindor, Myrtle’s impassioned defense swayed many of their fellow students. Her eloquence and conviction were undeniable, and even those who had doubts about Esmeralda’s suitability for Gryffindor began to reconsider their opinions. Myrtle’s unwavering support for Esmeralda helped to solidify the unity and strength of the Gryffindor house, inspiring others to stand up for what they believed in.

In the end, Malfoy’s objections were overruled, and Esmeralda was able to remain in Gryffindor thanks to the powerful defense put forth by Moaning Myrtle. The incident served as a reminder that true courage and loyalty were not defined by one’s background or wealth, but by their actions and character.

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3. Malfoy’s Disapproval

Lucius Malfoy expresses his disdain for Gryffindor house and questions Esmeralda’s worthiness to be part of it.

As Esmeralda proudly dons her Gryffindor colors, she is met with a cold glare from Lucius Malfoy, a prominent figure in the wizarding community known for his elitist views. Malfoy’s disapproval of Gryffindor house is palpable, evident in the sneer that curls his lips and the disdain that flickers in his eyes.

“I must say, I find it quite puzzling that someone of your… background would be sorted into Gryffindor,” Malfoy remarks, his voice dripping with condescension. He questions Esmeralda’s worthiness to be part of the esteemed house, casting doubt on her abilities and character.

Esmeralda stands her ground, refusing to cower in the face of Malfoy’s judgment. She knows that her bravery, loyalty, and determination are qualities that define a Gryffindor, regardless of what others may think. With steely resolve, she meets Malfoy’s gaze and says, “I may not fit your narrow definition of greatness, Malfoy, but Gryffindor is where I belong.”

Malfoy’s disapproval only fuels Esmeralda’s determination to prove herself, to show that her worth extends far beyond the prejudices of others. And as she walks away, head held high, she carries with her the spirit of Gryffindor – unwavering and unyielding in the face of adversity.

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