The Annual Extermination

1. Lili’s Discovery

One day, Lili stumbled upon a shocking truth – the annual extermination of human souls in Heaven. The revelation filled her with horror and disbelief. How could such a cruel practice exist in a place like Heaven? Unable to contain her emotions, Lili sought out her mother, Seraphina, to confront her about what she had learned.

Lili’s heart was heavy as she approached Seraphina, her voice trembling with emotion as she demanded answers. She couldn’t fathom how a place of supposed purity and goodness could harbor such darkness. Seraphina, taken aback by her daughter’s accusations, tried to explain the reasoning behind the annual extermination, but Lili could not accept it.

The conversation between mother and daughter grew tense as Lili refused to back down, her sense of justice propelling her forward. Seraphina, torn between loyalty to Heaven and her daughter, struggled to find a middle ground. The confrontation opened up a rift in their relationship, as Lili grappled with the harsh reality of the world she thought she knew.

Despite the conflict, Lili’s discovery marked a turning point in her life. She could no longer turn a blind eye to the injustices she had uncovered. Determined to right the wrongs she had witnessed, Lili’s journey towards truth and justice had only just begun.

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2. Seraphina’s Defense

Seraphina, the Head Seraphim, fervently defends the decision to exterminate the fallen angels to Lili. She stresses the critical need to safeguard their own immortal souls and the sacredness of Heaven. In her impassioned argument, Seraphina expounds on the inherent threat that the renegade angels pose not only to themselves but to the entire celestial realm. She highlights the duty of the Seraphim to uphold the divine laws and preserve the divine order of the heavens.

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3. Lili’s Moral Dilemma

As Lili grapples with the decision her mother has made, she finds herself facing a moral dilemma that weighs heavily on her conscience. On one hand, she feels a sense of duty to Heaven, understanding the importance of following divine orders without question. However, on the other hand, her heart aches for the innocent human souls that are being exterminated as a result of these decisions.

Lili struggles to reconcile these conflicting emotions within herself, torn between her loyalty to her mother and her compassion for the lives being lost. The internal struggle she faces is palpable, as she wrestles with the notion of blindly following orders versus standing up for what she believes is right.

As she navigates this moral dilemma, Lili must find a way to balance her obligations to Heaven with her own sense of empathy and justice. The stakes are high, and the weight of her decision hangs heavy on her heart as she grapples with the consequences of her choices.

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4. A Mother’s Love

Seraphina conveys her deep affection for Lili, emphasizing her sorrow regarding the current circumstances. She encourages her daughter to have faith in the bonds they share and advises her not to question the divine plan.

Despite the challenges they face, Seraphina’s love for Lili remains unwavering. She reminds her daughter of the special connection they have as mother and child, urging Lili to trust in the greater purpose at work.

Through her words, Seraphina seeks to provide comfort and reassurance to Lili, assuring her that their love will guide them through difficult times. She emphasizes the importance of their roles in each other’s lives and encourages Lili to embrace their bond with unwavering trust.

As the conversation unfolds, Seraphina’s maternal instincts shine through, demonstrating the depth of her love and commitment to her daughter. She implores Lili to have faith in their relationship and to believe in the power of a mother’s love.

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