Ten Parvatis’ Argument

1. Separation by Lord Shiva

Within a sacred circle, ten identical forms of Mata Parvati stood facing each other, each one passionately declaring that the other nine were actually asuras in disguise. The confusion and conflict continued to escalate until Lord Shiva, the divine consort of Mata Parvati, decided to intervene.

With a calm demeanor, Lord Shiva approached the circle of quarreling forms of Mata Parvati. His presence instantly seemed to command attention and respect. As the ten identical forms turned towards him, their arguments faded into silence.

Lord Shiva, the epitome of grace and wisdom, knew exactly how to address the situation. With a simple gesture, he began to separate the ten forms, gently guiding each one to a different point in the circle. As the forms of Mata Parvati were placed in distinct positions, a sense of clarity and understanding started to emerge.

The forms of Mata Parvati, now separated and no longer facing each other, began to realize the truth. It was not the other nine who were asuras, but rather a misunderstanding that had caused the conflict. With Lord Shiva’s intervention, harmony was restored, and the ten forms of Mata Parvati were able to see beyond their initial confusion.

Through his actions, Lord Shiva not only resolved the dispute but also imparted a valuable lesson on the importance of seeing beyond appearances and embracing unity and understanding.

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2. Parvatis’ Plea

The ten Mata Parvatis plead with Lord Shiva to allow them to continue their argument, firmly believing that a resolution can be reached amongst themselves. They argue passionately, each one presenting their viewpoints earnestly, confident in their ability to come to a consensus. Despite the intensity of their discussions, the Parvatis remain respectful towards each other, understanding that their diverse perspectives are crucial in finding a solution.

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3. Resolution Accepted

Lord Shiva concedes to the request of the ten Parvatis and grants them permission to debate in a circular manner. He patiently watches as they attempt to settle their dispute.

The ten Parvatis, eager to prove their worthiness, begin their argument in earnest. Each one presenting their case with passion and determination, trying to outshine the others in their quest for victory. Lord Shiva, the divine judge, listens attentively to each argument, carefully weighing the validity of their points.

As the debate progresses, emotions run high amongst the ten Parvatis. Some resort to eloquent speeches, while others rely on logic and reasoning to make their case. Lord Shiva remains calm and collected, allowing them to express themselves freely, knowing that this process is necessary for a fair resolution.

After hours of intense debate, a sense of exhaustion starts to settle among the Parvatis. They begin to realize the futility of their arguments and the importance of finding common ground. Lord Shiva, with his infinite wisdom, guides them towards a compromise, helping them see the bigger picture and the value of unity.

In the end, the ten Parvatis come to a resolution, putting aside their differences and embracing a shared vision. Lord Shiva smiles at their newfound understanding, pleased with their growth and maturity. The resolution accepted, harmony is restored, and a sense of peace descends upon the divine realm.

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