Tari’s Texas Trip

1. Mario’s Invitation

Mario extends an invitation to SMG4 to accompany him and Tari on a journey to Texas. However, SMG4 politely declines the offer, citing his commitment to creating the perfect video as the reason for his refusal.

Despite Mario’s enthusiastic invitation, SMG4 knows that he has a responsibility to his work and cannot afford to be distracted by a trip. He values his creative process and understands the importance of meeting his deadlines.

Although SMG4 appreciates the thoughtfulness of Mario and Tari, he knows that he must stay focused and dedicated to his craft. He assures them that he will join them on another adventure once his current project is completed.

While SMG4’s decision may disappoint his friends, he is certain that they will understand his prioritization of work. He remains determined to produce a video that will surpass all expectations and showcase his talent to the world.

As Mario and Tari set off on their journey without SMG4, he stays behind, immersed in his work. The allure of adventure may beckon, but SMG4 knows that his ultimate goal lies in the pursuit of perfection through his art.

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2. Taxi Ride

Mario and Tari decided to call a taxi to take them to Texas for their next adventure. As they rode along, they discussed their plans and exchanged ideas on sights they wanted to see and places they wanted to visit. The taxi passed through the border into Ohio, and Tari suddenly felt a sense of familiarity wash over her.

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