Swimming Lessons Saved Younes

1. Barbaforte’s Wrath

Barbaforte reaches a breaking point with Younes’s obsession with the dragon from Shrek. His frustration boils over, and he decides to take matters into his own hands. One fateful day, as they are crossing a bridge, Barbaforte seizes the opportunity to rid himself of the source of his annoyance. Without warning, he pushes Younes off the bridge, sending him plummeting into the deep waters below.

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2. Younes’s Survival

After managing to swim out of the lake, Younes is approached by Barbaforte who is curious about how he accomplished the feat. Younes explains that his ability to swim was a result of having taken swimming lessons before the pandemic hit.

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3. Barbaforte’s Downfall

Barbaforte’s life took a turn for the worse when he made the grave mistake of attempting to harm Younes. His devious actions not only jeopardized Younes’s safety but also sealed his own fate. The authorities swiftly put a stop to his malicious intentions and Barbaforte found himself in handcuffs, facing the consequences of his ill-advised decisions.

The downfall of Barbaforte was a result of his own undoing – a series of poor choices that led to his ultimate downfall. As he sat behind bars, he had ample time to reflect on the chain of events that brought him to this point. His arrogance and greed had clouded his judgment, leading him down a dark path that had no escape.

Once a respected member of society, Barbaforte’s reputation was irreparably tarnished by his own reckless actions. His downfall served as a cautionary tale for those who dared to follow in his footsteps, a stark reminder of the consequences that awaited those who succumbed to their basest desires.

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