Special Report: MIP-TV: Co-production Diary: Hilltop Hospital

1. Partners

Siriol Animation, located in Wales, is one of the key partners in this project. They bring their expertise in animation and storytelling to the table, enriching the creative process. Follimage, based in France, provides a unique perspective and adds a touch of French flair to the collaboration. Their experience in the industry is invaluable.

EVA Entertainment and ZDF, both from Germany, contribute their own strengths to the project. EVA Entertainment is known for its innovative approach to entertainment, while ZDF is a powerhouse in the German media landscape. The partnership with these companies ensures a diverse range of ideas and resources.

ITV, a prominent broadcaster in the UK, is another important partner. With their wide reach and influence, they play a crucial role in bringing the project to a larger audience. France 3 and Canal J, both from France, also bring their expertise to the table. Their contributions help ensure the success of the project on a national and international level.

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2. How the partnership began

In August of 1995, the partnership between our company and the esteemed organization started to take shape. It all began when our CEO met with the board members of the organization during a philanthropic event in the community. The discussions that followed highlighted a shared vision for giving back to society and making a positive impact on the world.

As the conversations progressed, it became evident that both entities possessed unique strengths that, when combined, could lead to powerful outcomes. Our company, with its innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions, complemented the organization’s deep-rooted values and extensive network reach.

Over the following months, detailed negotiations took place to solidify the partnership, taking into account the goals, responsibilities, and expected outcomes of the collaboration. Through mutual respect, open communication, and a shared commitment to excellence, the partnership officially began to take shape.

Since its inception in August 1995, the partnership has flourished, exceeding expectations and positively impacting countless lives. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential for driving change when like-minded organizations come together for a common cause.

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