SMG4 Movie: The Perfect Castle

One: A Salvaged Door

SMG4 had a genius idea as he surveyed the remnants of Peach’s Castle – salvaging a door. The door, once an entrance to the grandeur of the castle, now held potential for a new purpose. With a spark of creativity, SMG4 envisioned incorporating the salvaged door into the design of the new castle.

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Two: A Missing Piece

After managing to salvage the door from the wreckage, excitement quickly turned to frustration as it became evident that the doorway it once belonged to no longer existed in the layout of the new castle. The mismatched size and shape left everyone scratching their heads in confusion.

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Three: Upstairs Placement

After salvaging the door from the old castle, SMG4 considers relocating it to the upstairs area of their new castle. This decision poses a series of challenges that need to be addressed before the door can be successfully placed.

One of the main obstacles SMG4 faces is the sheer size and weight of the door. Moving such a heavy object up the stairs is not a simple task and will require careful planning and possibly additional resources. The logistics of transporting the door without causing damage to it or the staircase need to be carefully thought out.

Another challenge is determining the best location for the door once it is upstairs. It needs to be placed in a spot that not only fits the overall aesthetic of the new castle but also allows for easy access and functionality. SMG4 will need to carefully measure the dimensions of the door and the available space upstairs to find the perfect placement.

Additionally, considering the historical significance of the salvaged door, SMG4 must ensure that it is displayed in a way that honors its past. This may involve consulting with experts or conducting research to learn more about the door’s origins and how best to showcase it in the new castle.

Overall, while the idea of placing the salvaged door upstairs is exciting, SMG4 must navigate several challenges to make this vision a reality. With careful planning and attention to detail, they can overcome these obstacles and create a meaningful and visually appealing addition to their new castle.

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