Skippy’s Adventures in Bushtown: Co-production Diary

1. How the Partnership Began

When Yoram Gross decided to create a new animated series based on the beloved character Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, he knew he needed international partners to make it a reality. Skippy, originally a hit Australian television show in the 1960s, held a special place in the hearts of audiences around the world.

Yoram Gross understood the global appeal of Skippy and the potential for a successful animated series. Seeking to bring the iconic kangaroo to a new generation of viewers, he reached out to potential partners who shared his vision for the project.

The partnership began with discussions and negotiations, as Yoram Gross presented his ideas for the animated series and outlined the creative direction he envisioned. Finding partners who were enthusiastic about the project and willing to commit resources to its production was crucial to moving forward with the collaboration.

Through careful planning and collaboration, Yoram Gross was able to establish a strong partnership with international allies who shared his passion for bringing Skippy the Bush Kangaroo back to the screen in a fresh and exciting way. The journey from concept to collaboration was just the beginning of a new chapter in the story of Skippy’s adventures.

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2. Joining Forces

VIDEAL and Télé Images have joined forces as investors in the project, bringing their expertise and financial backing to the table. This collaboration not only provides necessary capital but also opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Distribution Agreements

Additionally, distribution agreements have been secured with EM-Entertainment and LUK Internacional. These partnerships will ensure that the finished product reaches a wider audience and maximizes its potential for success in the global market.

The combined resources and networks of all the partners involved in this venture will undoubtedly contribute to the project’s overall success. With VIDEAL, Télé Images, EM-Entertainment, and LUK Internacional all on board, the future looks promising for this exciting new endeavor.

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3. Finalizing the Project

After the partnership structure has been solidified, the next step in the project is to begin the production phase of the animated series with a new storyline. This phase involves turning the conceptual ideas into tangible episodes that will eventually be broadcasted to the target audience.

The finalizing of the project includes various essential tasks such as finalizing the script based on the new storyline, designing the characters and settings, selecting the voice actors, creating the animations, and eventually producing the episodes. Each of these tasks requires careful planning, attention to detail, and close collaboration between all team members involved in the project.

Script Finalization

The script serves as the blueprint for each episode of the animated series. It outlines the dialogue, actions, and scenes that will be depicted in each episode. The script must be carefully finalized to ensure that it effectively communicates the new storyline and engages the audience.

Character and Setting Design

The characters and settings of the animated series play a crucial role in conveying the new storyline and capturing the audience’s attention. The design phase involves creating visually appealing characters and settings that align with the new storyline and enhance the overall viewing experience.

Voice Actor Selection

The voice actors bring the characters to life through their performances. Selecting the right voice actors who can effectively portray the emotions and personalities of the characters is essential for the success of the animated series.

Animation Production

Once the script, character designs, and voice actors have been finalized, the production phase begins. This involves creating the animations that will bring the episodes to life. The animation production process requires skilled animators and sophisticated technology to ensure high-quality visuals that align with the new storyline.

Overall, finalizing the project involves a series of crucial steps that pave the way for the successful production of the animated series with the new storyline.

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4. Building the Brand

As the project progresses, the focus shifts towards establishing and solidifying the brand identity of the series. Plans to create an extensive line of merchandise are now set in motion, aimed at generating additional revenue streams and creating a closer connection with the audience. The merchandising strategy will include various products such as clothing, toys, accessories, and collectibles featuring beloved characters and iconic moments from the show.

Simultaneously, efforts to expand the series’ reach globally are also underway. International distribution partners have been secured to ensure that the show reaches audiences beyond its initial market. By securing broadcasting deals with networks and streaming platforms worldwide, the series will have the opportunity to captivate viewers from diverse cultural backgrounds and regions.

Collaborations with local content providers in different countries are in the works to tailor the distribution strategy according to specific market demands and preferences. These partnerships will not only increase the series’ visibility but also facilitate a better understanding of the global audience landscape.

The synergy between merchandising initiatives and international distribution strategies will play a crucial role in elevating the brand of the series and establishing its presence in the entertainment industry. By tapping into multiple mediums and markets, the series aims to create a lasting impact and solidify its position as a beloved and recognizable brand on a global scale.

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5. Introducing Skippy’s Adventures

During the presentation at MIPCOM Junior, the partners excitedly unveiled Skippy’s Adventures, a new animated series filled with fun and excitement. The audience was captivated by the sneak peek of the episodes, which are scheduled to be released in April 1998.

This new series promises to take viewers on a journey like no other, as they follow Skippy, the adventurous kangaroo, and his friends on thrilling escapades through the Australian outback. From exploring hidden caves to solving mysteries, Skippy’s Adventures is sure to entertain audiences of all ages.

With vibrant animation, engaging storytelling, and lovable characters, the partners are confident that Skippy’s Adventures will be a hit with both children and families. The series is set to deliver not only entertainment but also valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork, and courage.

As the partners prepare for the official release in April 1998, they are eager to see the positive impact that Skippy’s Adventures will have on audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new series!

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