Sita’s Condition

1. Sita’s Proposal

Upon being approached by Ravan with a marriage proposal, Sita takes a bold stand and presents her own conditions before agreeing to marry him. She tells Ravan that she will only become his wife if he agrees to make her his chief queen. This demand showcases Sita’s strength and independence, as she refuses to settle for anything less than the highest position in Ravan’s life.

By making this proposal, Sita asserts her worth and demands respect from Ravan. She recognizes her own value and refuses to compromise on her principles. In a society where women often had little say in their own destinies, Sita’s insistence on being treated as Ravan’s chief queen is a powerful statement of her agency and self-worth.

Furthermore, Sita’s proposal sets the tone for the power dynamic in their relationship. By setting this condition, she asserts her own position of authority within the marriage, ensuring that she will not be overshadowed or marginalized by Ravan or any other woman in his life.

Sita’s proposal is a pivotal moment in the story, showcasing her confidence, intelligence, and assertiveness. It establishes her as a formidable character who is unafraid to speak her mind and demand the respect and position she deserves.

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2. Ravan’s Response

Upon hearing Sita’s request to be freed from captivity, Ravan adamantly asserts that she must first agree to marry him before he can even consider the possibility of her becoming his chief queen. This condition is non-negotiable in Ravan’s eyes, as he sees Sita as a prize to be won and possessed. Despite Sita’s reluctance and firm rejection of his advances, Ravan remains steadfast in his demand, refusing to release her unless she agrees to his terms.

Ravan’s response reveals his true nature as a power-hungry and arrogant ruler who is willing to go to great lengths to satisfy his desires. His insistence on marriage as a prerequisite for Sita’s freedom highlights his lack of respect for her autonomy and agency, reducing her to a mere object to be owned.

As Sita navigates this challenging situation, she must find a way to outwit Ravan and secure her own liberation without succumbing to his oppressive demands. The unfolding drama between Ravan and Sita sets the stage for a tense confrontation that will ultimately test the limits of their characters and the strength of their resolve.

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