Signed in Anger

1. The Contract


Niharika Joshi enters into a contract marriage with billionaire Zaiden Oberoi, but he never visits her despite sending blank cheques.

Background of the Contract

Niharika Joshi, a struggling artist, finds herself in a difficult financial situation and decides to enter into a contract marriage with billionaire Zaiden Oberoi. Despite the unusual nature of their arrangement, Niharika agrees to the terms and conditions set by Zaiden.

Terms of the Contract

The contract between Niharika and Zaiden outlines the duration of their marriage, the financial compensation provided to Niharika, and the expectations of both parties involved. Niharika is required to maintain appearances as Zaiden’s wife in public, while Zaiden is obligated to provide financial support to Niharika.

Execution of the Contract

Although the contract is legally binding, Niharika soon realizes that Zaiden never intends to fulfill his side of the agreement. Despite sending blank cheques as a form of payment, Zaiden never visits Niharika or engages with her in any meaningful way. This leaves Niharika feeling deceived and used in their contractual relationship.

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2. Breaking Point

Niharika finally reaches her breaking point and confronts Zaiden’s personal secretary, tearing up the blank cheque in frustration.

After weeks of enduring Zaiden’s unreasonable demands and constant disrespect, Niharika could no longer contain her emotions. The breaking point had arrived. She stormed into Zaiden’s office, where his personal secretary sat, and unleashed all the pent-up frustration she had been feeling.

With tears streaming down her face, Niharika ripped the blank cheque that had been offered to her as a form of compensation. She had had enough of being manipulated and taken advantage of. The betrayal she felt was overwhelming, and she was not going to stand for it any longer.

Zaiden’s personal secretary was taken aback by Niharika’s outburst, but she stood her ground. She demanded the respect and recognition she deserved for her hard work and dedication. The once timid and compliant employee had transformed into a powerful force to be reckoned with.

As the torn pieces of the cheque fluttered to the floor, Niharika felt a sense of liberation. She had finally stood up for herself and reclaimed her dignity. The breaking point had been a turning point in her life, giving her the strength to take control of her own destiny.

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3. Confrontation

Ver Khanna is taken aback by Niharika’s sudden outburst during the meeting. Her defiance catches him off guard, and he is unsure of how to handle the situation. Ver knows that he must communicate Niharika’s message to Zaiden, but he is hesitant about the potential repercussions of her actions.

As Ver approaches Zaiden with the news, he braces himself for the leader’s reaction. Will Zaiden be understanding of Niharika’s defiance, or will he be displeased with her behavior? Ver is anxious about how Zaiden will respond and the impact it may have on their team dynamic.

Despite his concerns, Ver knows that it is his responsibility to relay all information to Zaiden. He must navigate this confrontation carefully, ensuring that he remains professional while addressing the issue at hand. Ver considers his next steps cautiously, knowing that the outcome of this conversation could have far-reaching implications for their project.

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4. Unexpected Twist

Zaiden finally arrives at Niharika’s villa, and as soon as he walks in, the atmosphere becomes tense. Niharika can sense that something is off. Zaiden hesitates for a moment before dropping the bombshell – a secret that he has been keeping for far too long. This shocking revelation completely changes the dynamics of their relationship and leaves Niharika speechless. She never expected such a twist in their story.

The revelation from Zaiden not only surprises Niharika but also sheds light on his hidden struggles and challenges. The unexpected twist in their tale challenges their bond and leaves them both wondering about the future. It forces them to reevaluate everything they thought they knew about each other and themselves.

Niharika’s emotions are a mix of confusion, anger, and betrayal. She grapples with the newfound information and tries to make sense of it all. Zaiden, on the other hand, is torn between remorse for keeping the secret and the weight of the truth finally being out in the open. Their interaction is filled with tension, as they navigate through this unforeseen turn of events.

As the truth sinks in, Niharika and Zaiden find themselves at a crossroads. Their relationship hangs by a thread, and the future is uncertain. The unexpected twist in their story leaves them both questioning everything they once believed, unsure of what lies ahead.

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5. Resolution

Niharika and Zaiden are faced with a pivotal moment in their relationship. With the recent turmoil and challenges they have encountered, they are forced to confront their true feelings for each other. It is a moment of truth where they must delve deep within themselves and decide whether their marriage is worth salvaging.

The tension between them is palpable as they sit down to have a heartfelt conversation. Emotions run high as they lay bare their vulnerabilities and fears. Niharika expresses her doubts and insecurities, questioning whether Zaiden still loves her. Zaiden, on the other hand, reveals his own struggles and uncertainties about their future together.

As they navigate through the rough waters of their marriage, they realize that love alone may not be enough to sustain their relationship. They must also learn to communicate effectively, trust each other, and compromise when needed. It is a test of their commitment and resilience as they strive to find common ground and rebuild their bond.

In the end, Niharika and Zaiden come to a decision that will shape the course of their marriage. Whether they choose to stay together and work through their issues or part ways, one thing is certain – the resolution they reach will have a lasting impact on both of them.

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