Сцилла против Кузи

1. Encounter at the Picnic

Scylla and Don Croco were enjoying a peaceful picnic in the park, surrounded by lush greenery and the sweet chirping of birds. The sun was shining brightly, casting a warm glow over the scene.

As they leisurely nibbled on sandwiches and sipped cool lemonade, their tranquility was abruptly interrupted when Scylla caught sight of Kuzia and his rowdy group of friends approaching. A scowl formed on her face as she watched them draw nearer, their loud laughter cutting through the serene atmosphere.

Turning to Don Croco, Scylla’s icy tone cut through the air, “Get rid of them, Don. I will not tolerate their presence ruining our peaceful picnic.”

Don Croco’s eyes gleamed with a mischievous glint as he cracked his knuckles, eager to carry out Scylla’s command. He rose from his seat, towering over the smaller creatures as he made his way towards Kuzia and his friends.

What ensued was a tense confrontation, as Don Croco menacingly persuaded them to leave the area. Kuzia’s friends glanced nervously at each other, sensing the danger in Don Croco’s eyes. Reluctantly, they gathered their belongings and made a hasty retreat, leaving Scylla and Don Croco to resume their peaceful picnic once more.

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The Failed Attempt

Don Croco clumsily attempts to sabotage Kuzia and his friends, but his plan backfires spectacularly, resulting in him looking like a fool instead. His plan to trip Kuzia as he walks by ends with him stumbling over his own feet and falling face-first into a mud puddle. The onlookers burst into laughter, and even Don Croco can’t help but chuckle at his own misfortune.

Undeterred, Don Croco tries to throw a banana peel in front of Kuzia, expecting him to slip and fall, but as luck would have it, he steps on the peel himself, flying into the air and landing in a comical heap. The more he tries to outsmart Kuzia, the more he ends up becoming the laughing stock of the town.

Despite his repeated failures, Don Croco refuses to give up and continues to come up with new schemes to undermine Kuzia. However, each attempt only serves to make Kuzia and his friends grow closer as they bond over the hilarity of Don Croco’s antics. In the end, Don Croco learns that true friendship and camaraderie cannot be broken by petty tricks and jealousy.

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3. The Witch’s Fury

After witnessing Don Croco’s incompetence, Scylla’s fury knows no bounds. She is determined to take matters into her own hands and deal with Kuzia and his friends once and for all. With a steely resolve, Scylla begins to concoct a plan to rid herself of the troublesome trio.

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