SCP 2380: The English Baby

1. Discovery

The SCP Foundation first learned about SCP 2380 following reports of a peculiar baby-like entity displaying the colors of the English flag moving around a small village in England.

Local residents were disturbed by the anomalous creature’s appearance and behavior, prompting them to alert local authorities. Upon investigating the reports, the SCP Foundation was notified of the strange entity’s presence. Foundation agents were dispatched to the village to assess the situation and contain the anomaly.

Witnesses described the entity as having a humanoid shape but with distinct features resembling a baby, including its size, proportions, and behavior. Its skin was reportedly patterned with the colors of the English flag, adding to the curiosity and concern surrounding its nature.

As the SCP Foundation gathered more information and studied the reports, it became evident that SCP 2380 posed a potential threat to the local community and needed to be contained and studied further. Special containment protocols were established to secure the anomaly and prevent it from causing any harm or spreading to other locations.

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2. Containment Procedures

SCP 2380 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber with regular psychological evaluations conducted to ensure its mental stability.

In order to maintain the containment of SCP 2380, it is imperative that it is housed in a standard humanoid containment chamber. This chamber should be equipped with all necessary features to accommodate the anomalous properties of SCP 2380 while ensuring the safety of research personnel and the general population.

Mental Stability Assessments

Regular psychological evaluations must be conducted on SCP 2380 to assess its mental state and ensure that it remains stable. These evaluations should be carried out by qualified mental health professionals who are trained to handle anomalous individuals and their unique psychological needs.

Security Measures

Strict security protocols must be followed when interacting with SCP 2380. Only authorized personnel with appropriate clearance levels are allowed access to its containment chamber. Any breaches in security must be immediately reported and addressed to prevent any potential containment breaches.

Monitoring and Surveillance

Continuous monitoring and surveillance of SCP 2380 are essential to ensure its behavior remains within acceptable parameters. Any deviations from its normal behavior should be reported promptly to containment staff for further evaluation and potential intervention.

By adhering to these containment procedures, the containment of SCP 2380 can be effectively maintained, minimizing the risks associated with its anomalous properties.

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3. Behavior and Abilities

SCP 2380 displays docile behavior but has shown the ability to change its body color to mimic any national flag, leading researchers to speculate on its origin and purpose.


SCP 2380 exhibits a calm and non-aggressive demeanor, showing no signs of hostility towards researchers or handlers.


One of the most remarkable abilities of SCP 2380 is its capacity to alter its body color to perfectly match any national flag. This unique skill has intrigued researchers, sparking discussions on the possible origins and purposes of this anomalous entity.

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4. Testing and Research

Research efforts are ongoing to understand the true nature of SCP 2380 and to uncover any potential connections between its anomalous abilities and historical events.

Testing and research play a crucial role in deciphering the enigmatic SCP 2380. Through a combination of laboratory experiments, field studies, and historical analyses, researchers strive to unravel the mysteries surrounding this anomalous entity. By conducting controlled tests and observations, scientists aim to gather data that will shed light on the nature of SCP 2380’s abilities and behaviors.

Furthermore, ongoing research endeavors seek to investigate possible correlations between SCP 2380 and past historical events. By delving into archives, documents, and other sources, researchers hope to identify any patterns or connections that may exist between SCP 2380’s manifestations and significant moments in history. This comprehensive approach allows for a more holistic understanding of SCP 2380 and its impact on the world at large.

Overall, the testing and research efforts surrounding SCP 2380 are vital in uncovering its secrets and comprehending its place within the grand tapestry of anomalous phenomena. Through continuous exploration and analysis, researchers strive to unlock the full extent of SCP 2380’s capabilities and unravel the mysteries that shroud this intriguing entity.

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5. Incident Logs

SCP 2380 has been involved in several incidents due to its color-changing abilities. These incidents have included situations where SCP 2380 has imitated flags of hostile nations, leading to increased security precautions being implemented. The color-changing abilities of SCP 2380 have proven to be a significant factor in these incidents, causing confusion and concern among personnel.

These incidents have highlighted the unpredictable nature of SCP 2380 and the potential risks that its abilities pose. It is crucial to maintain a detailed record of these incidents in the incident logs to track patterns and trends related to SCP 2380’s behavior. Understanding how SCP 2380’s color-changing abilities manifest in various situations is essential for ensuring the safety and security of personnel and containment procedures.

As such, the incident logs serve as a vital resource for documenting and analyzing the impact of SCP 2380’s color-changing abilities on its containment and interactions with the outside world. By maintaining thorough records of these incidents, researchers and containment specialists can better comprehend the potential threats posed by SCP 2380 and develop effective strategies for managing its anomalous properties.

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6. Conclusion

The origins and motives of SCP 2380, known as the English Baby, continue to elude researchers despite ongoing efforts. The mystery shrouding this anomalous entity has prompted the SCP Foundation to remain ever vigilant in their containment protocols.

Throughout documented encounters with SCP 2380, the entity has displayed a combination of infant-like innocence and otherworldly abilities that defy conventional understanding. However, attempts to unravel the true nature of the English Baby have been met with limited success, as its origins remain obscure and its motives inscrutable.

Despite the lack of definitive answers, the SCP Foundation is committed to containing SCP 2380 to prevent any potential threats or breaches that may arise from its anomalous properties. The ongoing research and surveillance of this enigmatic entity serve as a testament to the Foundation’s dedication to the protection of humanity from paranormal phenomena.

In conclusion, the enigma of SCP 2380 persists, challenging researchers to delve deeper into its mysteries. As long as the true origins and motives of the English Baby remain unknown, the SCP Foundation will remain steadfast in their efforts to contain and study this anomaly, ensuring the safety of the world at large.

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