SCP 2380: The English Baby

1. Introduction

SCP 2380 is a highly unusual entity with a plethora of anomalous abilities that set it apart from any known creature or object. This entity, classified as Euclid by the SCP Foundation, possesses the ability to manipulate reality in ways that defy conventional understanding. Its very presence can cause distortions in space and time, leading to unpredictable and often dangerous outcomes. SCP 2380’s abilities have been a subject of intense study and containment by the Foundation, as they pose a significant threat to the normalcy and safety of the world at large.

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2. Discovery and Containment

SCP 2380 was initially discovered in a remote village located in the mountains of [REDACTED]. Local reports of unusual occurrences drew the attention of Foundation agents, leading to the eventual containment of the anomaly. The discovery of SCP 2380 was met with great caution, as its abilities posed a significant threat to the surrounding area.

To contain SCP 2380 and prevent any further anomalies from spreading, a specialized containment unit was established. The containment procedures for SCP 2380 involve strict monitoring and regulation of its activities to ensure the safety of both individuals and the environment. Specialized personnel trained in handling anomalous objects were assigned to oversee the containment process.

The containment measures put in place include a series of barriers and protocols designed to limit SCP 2380’s influence and prevent any unauthorized access to its abilities. Additionally, ongoing research and analysis are conducted to better understand SCP 2380 and develop improved containment procedures.

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3. Behavioral Observations

Details about how SCP 2380 reacts to different stimuli and its behavior patterns.

Reactions to Stimuli

SCP 2380 has shown diverse reactions to various stimuli encountered during testing. When exposed to loud noises, it displays signs of distress by retreating to a corner of its containment chamber. Conversely, when presented with music, it exhibits a sense of calm and curiosity, often approaching the source of the sound.

Behavior Patterns

SCP 2380’s behavior patterns have been closely monitored and documented. It displays consistent routines, such as vocalizing at specific times of the day and engaging in playful activities with certain objects in its environment. These patterns have provided valuable insight into the creature’s cognitive abilities and emotional responses.

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4. Incident Reports

Accounts of past incidents involving SCP 2380 and its effects on the environment.

Mandatory Requirements:

This section provides detailed records of various incidents related to SCP 2380 and their impact on the surrounding environment. These reports document the chain of events, the response from personnel, and any anomalies observed during each incident. The incidents serve as valuable sources of information for understanding the behavior and potential dangers associated with SCP 2380.


The incident reports within this section are crucial for analyzing the pattern of occurrences involving SCP 2380. Each incident description should include the date, location, individuals involved, and a summary of the event. Additionally, any changes in the environment or abnormal phenomena linked to the incidents should be thoroughly documented.


By examining the incident reports in this section, researchers can identify common trends, recurring themes, and potential triggers for SCP 2380-related events. This data allows for a better understanding of the anomaly’s behavior and aids in developing strategies to mitigate its adverse effects on the environment.

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5. Current Containment Procedures

An outline of the current containment procedures in place to ensure the safety of SCP 2380 and others.

Mandatory Requirements

The current containment procedures for SCP 2380 are meticulously designed to ensure the safety of both the entity itself and any personnel coming into contact with it. Various measures have been put in place to contain SCP 2380 effectively and prevent any potential breaches.

Containment Measures

SCP 2380 is to be kept within a secure containment chamber at all times, equipped with reinforced walls and monitoring systems to ensure its status is consistently tracked. Regular inspections are conducted to check for any signs of deterioration or instability in the containment structure.

All personnel entering SCP 2380’s containment area must undergo thorough screening and follow strict safety protocols. Access to the entity is restricted to authorized staff members, with limited exposure time to minimize any potential risks.

Emergency Response Protocols

In the event of a containment breach or unforeseen incident involving SCP 2380, emergency response teams are on standby to respond immediately. Containment breach drills are regularly conducted to ensure all personnel are prepared for such scenarios and can take swift action as needed.

Communication systems within the facility are equipped to relay urgent information and coordinate response efforts in the event of a breach. Containment procedures are continuously reviewed and updated based on any new information or developments regarding SCP 2380.

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