Scotland’s Secret Crush

1. Scotland’s Growing Feelings

As Scotland observes England diligently working on various matters, a sense of admiration begins to form within Scotland’s heart. Despite their political union, Scotland finds himself drawn to England’s dedication and leadership skills. The way England handles responsibilities and takes charge of difficult situations sparks a sense of admiration in Scotland.

With each passing day, Scotland’s feelings for England grow stronger. Scotland starts to look forward to their interactions and appreciates England’s efforts to maintain the stability of their political marriage. Despite the differences in beliefs and opinions, Scotland finds himself developing a secret crush on England.

Scotland’s growing feelings towards England are a mixture of respect, attraction, and curiosity. Scotland is captivated by England’s intelligence and determination, finding himself gravitating towards England more and more as time goes by. The complexities of their political relationship only seem to add to the appeal that Scotland feels towards England.

Overall, Scotland’s growing feelings towards England are a blend of admiration and affection, challenging the boundaries of their political marriage.

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2. The Night of Confusion

Scotland finds himself lying in bed next to England, his heart filled with a mixture of emotions that leave him feeling bewildered. The weight of his love for his husband seems to overwhelm him, causing a sense of flustered confusion to wash over him.

As he gazes at England’s sleeping form, memories of their shared history flood his mind. The battles they fought together, the disagreements they weathered, and the deep bond that has always remained between them. Scotland can’t help but feel a sense of vulnerability in this moment, unsure of how to fully express the depth of his emotions.

The night air is still and quiet, allowing Scotland the space to reflect on the complexities of their relationship. He knows that their journey has not always been easy, but he also recognizes the profound connection they share. As he reaches out to gently touch England’s hand, a sense of reassurance washes over him.

Scotland closes his eyes, letting himself be enveloped by the love he feels for his husband. In this moment of intimacy and vulnerability, he knows that despite the confusion and uncertainty, their bond is stronger than any obstacle they may face. And as he drifts off to sleep, he holds onto the comfort of knowing that they will face whatever challenges come their way, together.

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