Scotland’s Secret Crush

1. Unexpected Discovery

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland eagerly waited for England to return. When England finally arrived, they were shocked to see noticeable hickeys on his neck. Scotland furrowed his brows, Wales gasped in surprise, and Northern Ireland raised an eyebrow in curiosity. England sheepishly tried to cover up the marks, but it was clear that they were a result of a passionate encounter.

Scotland spoke up first, “England, what on earth happened to you? Where have you been?” England stammered, trying to come up with a plausible explanation. Wales chimed in, “You can’t hide those hickeys, England. We deserve to know the truth.” Northern Ireland nodded in agreement, “Tell us everything, England. Don’t try to keep secrets from us.”

England looked sheepish as he finally confessed, “I met someone while I was away, and things got a bit… heated. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did.” Scotland sighed, “Well, you should have been more careful. We worry about you when you’re not around.” Wales added, “Remember, England, your actions reflect on all of us.” Northern Ireland remained silent, deep in thought.

As they processed England’s unexpected discovery, the four nations knew that things would never be the same. Secrets had been revealed, trust had been tested, and their bond would be forever changed.

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2. Scotland’s Heart Flutter

As Scotland’s eyes locked onto England, a warm sensation spread through her body. Her cheeks turned a bright shade of red as she couldn’t help but admire him. England’s confident demeanor and charming personality had captured her heart.

Lost in her daydreams, Scotland imagined what it would be like to be England’s girlfriend. She pictured romantic walks in the countryside, cozy nights by the fire, and whispered conversations under the stars. Her heart fluttered at the thought of being by his side, supporting him in all his endeavors.

Despite her usual composed demeanor, Scotland found herself unable to contain her fangirl admiration for England. She couldn’t help but smile whenever he was near, her heart skipping a beat at the sound of his voice. Every interaction with him left her feeling giddy and light-headed, lost in a whirlwind of emotions.

Scotland’s friends teased her about her obvious crush on England, but she didn’t mind. In her mind, he was the epitome of perfection, and she couldn’t help but let her heart flutter whenever he was around. Deep down, she knew that her feelings were more than just a passing infatuation – they were the start of something special.

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3. Confessions and Confusion

Scotland finds herself in a dilemma as she grapples with her emotions towards England. Should she reveal her feelings, or should she bury them deep inside where no one can see? The uncertainty gnaws at her, filling her days with doubt and confusion.

Every time she is around England, Scotland’s heart races, her cheeks flush, and her mind becomes a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts. She longs to express her affection, yet the fear of rejection holds her back. What if England doesn’t feel the same way? What if their friendship is forever changed by her confession?

As Scotland tries to navigate her tumultuous emotions, she seeks solace in the quiet moments, contemplating the pros and cons of baring her soul. The fear of ruining their comfortable dynamic battles with the desire for honesty and authenticity.

Scotland’s internal struggle becomes more pronounced with each passing day, weighing heavily on her heart. Will she find the courage to speak her truth, or will the burden of secrecy become too heavy to bear?

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