“Powerful Wives: The Dominance Game”

Section 1: Introduction of Gehna Patel and Anant’s Dynamic

Gehna Patel, once a simple and uneducated woman, has now transformed into a successful business tycoon, leaving her husband Anant feeling envious and insecure. Their relationship dynamic has shifted drastically as Gehna’s newfound success has turned the tables, making Anant question his own abilities and role in the family.

With two children to care for, Anant finds himself taking on the role of a househusband, a position he never envisioned himself in. The power dynamics within their household have shifted, with Gehna now the primary breadwinner and decision-maker, while Anant grapples with feelings of inadequacy and jealousy.

This change in their family dynamic has led to tension and resentment between the couple, as Anant struggles to come to terms with Gehna’s success and his own perceived shortcomings. The once harmonious relationship now faces challenges as they navigate through this new phase in their lives.

Businesswoman Gehna Patel and jealous husband Anant

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