Plot Outline

1. The Arrival of Nyarlathotep

Word quickly spreads throughout Alex’s world about the unexpected arrival of Nyarlathotep, causing a mix of excitement and disbelief among the inhabitants. Rumors and speculations run rampant as people try to make sense of this mysterious event.

Among those taken aback by Nyarlathotep’s presence is Iga Swiatek, who is struck by the uncanny resemblance between herself and the enigmatic figure. As she observes Nyarlathotep’s movements and interactions, she can’t shake off the feeling of a strange connection between them.

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2. Curiosity and Envy

As Iga Swiatek watches Alex interact with Nyarlathotep, a mixture of curiosity and envy fills her thoughts. She wonders what makes Alex so special to have captured the attention of such a powerful being. Despite her envy, she reminds herself that this scenario is just a figment of someone’s imagination brought to life.

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