Of Baek Hyun Crown Prince’s Legacy

1. Betrayal and Manipulation

When Baek Hyun first encountered Leyla, he was immediately captivated by her beauty and charm. Their conversations were filled with laughter and shared dreams, and Baek Hyun felt like he had finally found his soulmate.

However, soon after declaring his love for Leyla, Baek Hyun started noticing subtle changes in her behavior. She became more distant and seemed to be hiding something from him. Despite his attempts to get to the bottom of it, Leyla remained evasive and secretive.

Then, one fateful night, Baek Hyun stumbled upon a shocking truth – Leyla had been manipulating him all along. She had used his feelings for her to further her own agenda, betraying his trust in the most painful way possible.

The realization hit Baek Hyun like a ton of bricks, shattering his illusions of love and trust. He felt a deep sense of betrayal and heartbreak, wondering how someone he loved so deeply could deceive him so callously.

From that moment on, Baek Hyun vowed to never let anyone manipulate or betray him again, guarding his heart against further hurt and pain.

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2. Rivalry and Lies

Exploring the intense rivalry between Leyla and Thalia, the original doppelganger, sets the stage for a complex web of lies and deceit. As Leyla and Thalia navigate their shared history and intertwined lives, their competition spirals into a toxic cycle of manipulation and betrayal.

Thalia, as the first original doppelganger, has always been viewed as the superior one in the eyes of their peers. Her unique abilities and charm have made her the envy of Leyla, who constantly feels overshadowed and overlooked. This deep-seated jealousy fuels Leyla’s determination to surpass Thalia at any cost, leading her to resort to deceitful tactics.

Throughout their rivalry, both Leyla and Thalia engage in a game of one-upmanship, where each tries to outshine the other. Lies become a common currency in their interactions, as they weave elaborate tales to undermine one another and gain the upper hand. Trust becomes a rare commodity in their volatile relationship, as each doppelganger becomes adept at manipulating the truth to serve their own interests.

The rivalry between Leyla and Thalia not only shapes their individual paths but also influences the larger doppelganger community. As their feud escalates, tensions rise among their peers, and alliances are tested. The intricate web of lies they create threatens to unravel the delicate balance that holds their world together, leading to unforeseen consequences for all involved.

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3. Against the Throne

As tensions rose within the kingdom, Leyla and Thalia plotted to overthrow the throne, threatening the stability that had long been established. Their rebellion was meticulously orchestrated, garnering support from disillusioned nobles and citizens alike who were eager for change.

Using their charm and cunning tactics, Leyla and Thalia fueled the flames of dissent, painting the monarchy as oppressive and corrupt. Through secret meetings and coded messages, they rallied their followers, sowing seeds of discord that spread like wildfire throughout the kingdom.

Despite efforts to quell the uprising, the throne found itself on shaky ground as Leyla and Thalia’s rebellion gained momentum. The once-unified kingdom now stood divided, with lines drawn between those loyal to the crown and those swayed by the promises of a new order.

As the conflict escalated, the kingdom found itself teetering on the brink of chaos. With each passing day, the threat to the throne grew more imminent, and the fate of the kingdom hung in the balance.

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