Of Baek Hyun Crown Prince’s Immortal Legacy

1. The First Love and Betrayal

Delving back in time, we uncover Baek Hyun’s illicit romance with Leyla, a cunning woman who initiates a series of falsehoods and treachery.

Baek Hyun, a young and unsuspecting man, found himself captivated by Leyla’s charm and beauty. Their love blossomed in secret, forbidden by societal norms and expectations. Leyla, however, harbored selfish intentions beneath her sweet exterior. Manipulating Baek Hyun with her words and actions, she wove a dangerous web of deceit around him.

As their relationship deepened, Leyla’s true nature began to surface. Her lies and manipulation led to a chain of events that would ultimately shatter Baek Hyun’s trust and faith in love. Betrayed and heartbroken, he was left to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart.

The tale of Baek Hyun’s first love and betrayal serves as a cautionary reminder of the dangers of blind trust and the consequences of falling for deceptive charms. It is a story of innocence lost, lessons learned, and the harsh realities of the human heart.

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2. The Appearance of Doppelgangers

Thalia, the first Original doppelganger, and Leyla, the second doppelganger, bring forth the start of a rivalrous ancestral lineage.

Thalia was born with the mark of the doppelganger, a unique symbol that has been passed down through generations. She possessed extraordinary abilities and a connection to Leyla, her future rival. Leyla, on the other hand, was unaware of her doppelganger lineage until she encountered Thalia.

As Thalia and Leyla discovered their shared lineage, they also unearthed a long history of rivalry between their ancestors. The appearance of these two doppelgangers signaled the continuation of this ancestral feud, each determined to prove their dominance over the other.

Their rivalry extended beyond personal conflicts, influencing the balance of power among supernatural beings. The doppelgangers’ destinies were intertwined, their actions impacting not only their own lives but also the fate of those around them.

Thalia and Leyla’s rivalry was not just a battle between individuals but a clash of ancestral lines. The emergence of these two doppelgangers marked the beginning of a new chapter in their shared history, one filled with tension, conflict, and a struggle for supremacy.

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3. The Lineage of Doppelgangers

Lia and Leia, descendants of Thalia and Leyla, find themselves entwined in a battle against the throne, uncovering a deep-rooted conspiracy.

In their quest to unravel the mystery surrounding their ancestors, Lia and Leia stumble upon ancient scrolls that detail the lineage of doppelgangers throughout history. These doppelgangers, like mirror images of each other, have always been drawn to one another, destined to play a crucial role in the fate of the kingdom.

As Lia and Leia delve deeper into the past, they discover that Thalia and Leyla were not the only doppelgangers in their family tree. Generations ago, another pair, Selene and Seraphina, faced a similar battle against corruption in the kingdom. The parallels between the two pairs are uncanny, leading Lia and Leia to believe that history may be repeating itself.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, Lia and Leia set out to confront the current ruler, who they suspect is at the center of the conspiracy threatening the kingdom. With each revelation, the sisters draw closer to the truth behind their shared lineage and the power they possess to bring about change.

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