Of Baek Hyun: Crown Prince’s 1st Century Immortal of Joseon Dynasty

1. Leyla – First Love and Betrayal

Baek Hyun’s initial encounter with love started off as a forbidden affair which eventually spiraled into betrayal and manipulation. Leyla, a captivating beauty from a rival clan, managed to steal Baek Hyun’s heart despite the inherent risks and consequences. Their secret meetings and passionate embraces only fueled the flames of their forbidden love, leading to a deep emotional connection that neither could resist.

However, the blissful moments shared between Baek Hyun and Leyla quickly took a dark turn as jealousy and greed seeped into their relationship. Betrayal clouded the once-clear skies of their love as secrets were uncovered and loyalties were questioned. Leyla, driven by ulterior motives and influences from her own clan, made a decision that shattered Baek Hyun’s trust and left a deep scar on his heart.

This act of betrayal set the stage for a timeless rivalry between the two clans, one that transcended generations and continued to influence their descendants. The wounds caused by Leyla’s actions were not easily healed, and the memory of their first love tainted by betrayal lingered in Baek Hyun’s heart for centuries to come.

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2. Thalia – The First Original Doppelganger

Thalia, the first original doppelganger, emerges in Baek Hyun’s life, setting off a chain of events that will forever alter his destiny. She appears unexpectedly, her presence shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Thalia’s arrival brings with it a sense of foreboding and uncertainty. Baek Hyun is immediately drawn to her, sensing a connection that transcends mere coincidence. As they interact, he begins to unravel the secrets surrounding Thalia and discovers the true extent of her powers.

Thalia’s presence is a catalyst for change, stirring up emotions and desires long buried within Baek Hyun. He finds himself caught in a web of conflicting emotions, torn between his past and the uncertain future that Thalia represents.

As Baek Hyun delves deeper into Thalia’s origins, he uncovers a world he never imagined existed. The revelation of her true nature shakes him to his core, forcing him to confront his own beliefs and assumptions.

Thalia’s arrival marks the beginning of a new chapter in Baek Hyun’s life, one filled with challenges and discoveries that will test his strength and resolve. Their encounter sets in motion a series of events that will shape his destiny in ways he never thought possible.

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3. Leia and Lia – Progenitors of Ancestral Doppelganger Line

After Leyla discovers her doppelgangers, Leia and Lia, it becomes clear that they are not just look-alikes but play a significant role in the kingdom’s history. Leia and Lia are revealed to be the progenitors of an ancestral doppelganger line that poses a threat to the throne.

As Leia and Lia delve into their past, they uncover hidden truths about their lineage and the power they possess. The revelation of their connection to the throne sends shockwaves through the kingdom, causing unrest among the people and fear among the royal family.

The ancestral doppelganger line represents a long-standing rival to the current rulers, with a claim to the throne that cannot be ignored. Their presence creates a dilemma for Leyla, as she grapples with the implications of their existence and the potential consequences for the kingdom.

As Leia and Lia navigate their newfound identity and the challenges it brings, they must confront the dark forces that seek to exploit their lineage for their own gain. The fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance as the ancestral doppelganger line emerges from the shadows, threatening to upend the fragile peace that has been maintained for generations.

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4. Against the Throne

As Baek Hyun and his doppelgangers come to terms with their shared immortality, they realize the importance of banding together to protect their legacy from those who seek to claim the throne for themselves. The throne represents not only power and control, but also the potential destruction of all they have worked for over the centuries.

United by their common goal, Baek Hyun and his doppelgangers strategize and train relentlessly, honing their skills and abilities to prepare for the ultimate showdown against those who would dare challenge their rule. As tensions rise and betrayals emerge, they must stay strong and resolute in their determination to overcome the threats that loom before them.

The stakes could not be higher as the fate of their immortal existence hangs in the balance. They must tread carefully, navigating treacherous waters and staying one step ahead of their enemies. Every decision they make, every move they take, could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Together, they stand against the throne, ready to face whatever challenges come their way. In this epic battle of wills, they will discover the true extent of their power and the depths of their loyalty to each other.

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