1. Life Changing Training

In the teenage mother club trainings, Education for Life (EFL) training made Nina rethink her life goals and pursue her dream of becoming a designer.

Attending the Education for Life training sessions had a profound impact on Nina’s life. Before joining the teenage mother club, she had never considered pursuing a career in design. However, the insightful teachings and guidance provided during the EFL training sessions opened her eyes to new possibilities.

Nina was inspired to reconsider her life goals and aspirations. The training helped her recognize her passion for design and encouraged her to actively pursue her dream. As she engaged in the training exercises and discussions, Nina began to envision a future where she could use her creativity and talent to become a successful designer.

Through the support and encouragement of the trainers and fellow club members, Nina gained the confidence to take the necessary steps towards her goal. She started exploring different design techniques, seeking out mentorship opportunities, and setting clear objectives for her future career path.

Thanks to the Life Changing Training provided by the teenage mother club, Nina’s life took a significant turn. She found a newfound sense of purpose and direction, leading her on a journey towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a designer.

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2. Skills Training Opportunity

Nina had the opportunity to undergo skills training in either bakery, tailoring, or hairdressing. She ultimately decided to pursue hairdressing and embarked on a three-month training program.

During the training, Nina learned various techniques and skills related to hairdressing, such as cutting, styling, coloring, and treatments. She also gained knowledge on different types of hair and how to work with various hair textures.

The training program provided Nina with practical experience by allowing her to work on real clients under the supervision of experienced professionals. This hands-on approach helped her develop her skills and confidence in the field of hairdressing.

Throughout the three months of training, Nina dedicated herself to mastering the craft of hairdressing. She attended classes, practiced on mannequins, and eagerly absorbed the knowledge shared by her instructors.

By the end of the training program, Nina had gained valuable skills that would enable her to pursue a career in the hairdressing industry. She was equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to succeed in the field and fulfill her passion for hair styling.

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3. Entrepreneurial Journey

After receiving the startup capital, Nina took a bold step and decided to open her own salon which specialized in hairdressing. This was a dream come true for her, as she had always been passionate about styling hair and making people look their best. The salon quickly gained popularity in the neighborhood, thanks to Nina’s talent and dedication to her craft.

To increase her income streams and attract more customers, Nina decided to expand her business by opening a boutique within her salon. This boutique offered a range of clothing and accessories, complementing the services provided by the salon. It was a smart move that not only diversified Nina’s sources of revenue but also created a one-stop shop for her clients to get pampered and update their wardrobe.

Nina’s entrepreneurial journey was not without its challenges. She had to juggle between managing the salon, boutique, and handling the financial aspects of her business. Despite the obstacles, Nina remained determined and focused on growing her business. Her hard work and passion paid off, as both the salon and boutique continued to thrive and attract a loyal customer base.

Looking back, Nina is grateful for the opportunity to turn her passion into a successful business. Her entrepreneurial journey has been marked by hard work, determination, and a strong commitment to providing the best services to her clients. Nina’s story is a testament to the power of following one’s dreams and turning them into reality through dedication and perseverance.

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4. Empowering Young Girls

Nina’s goal is to empower young girls to earn decently and avoid HIV pre disposing factors in their lives, ensuring no girl child is left behind.

Nina’s Mission

Empowering young girls is at the core of Nina’s mission. She believes that by providing opportunities for girls to earn decently and avoiding HIV pre disposing factors, they can build a brighter future for themselves.

Raising Awareness

In order to empower young girls, Nina focuses on raising awareness about the importance of education, skill development, and health. By educating girls about their rights and opportunities, she hopes to inspire them to reach for their dreams.

Building Support Networks

Another key aspect of Nina’s work is building support networks for young girls. She connects them with mentors, educators, and resources that can help them succeed. By fostering a sense of community and collaboration, Nina believes that girls can overcome any obstacle.

Creating Opportunities

Through various programs and initiatives, Nina creates opportunities for young girls to thrive. Whether it’s through vocational training, entrepreneurship programs, or health education, Nina is dedicated to ensuring that no girl child is left behind.

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