Nils kommer till det nya badhuset

1. Nils discovers the new aquatic center

Nils arrives at the new aquatic center and is immediately struck by the modern design and vibrant energy of the place. As he makes his way through the facility, he notices the mixed-gender changing room off to the side. Intrigued, Nils decides to take a closer look.

The changing room is unlike anything Nils has ever seen before. The walls are decorated with stunning underwater murals, depicting colorful fish and majestic sea creatures. The floor is lined with sleek wooden benches, and soft, fluffy towels are neatly stacked in piles, ready to be used.

Nils watches as people of all genders move in and out of the changing room, carrying their swim gear and chatting happily with one another. He feels a sense of inclusivity and acceptance in the air, a feeling that he appreciates deeply.

With a sense of adventure, Nils decides to explore the changing room further. He opens one of the lockers and finds it stocked with complimentary sunscreen and hair accessories. Another locker reveals a selection of eco-friendly swimwear available for purchase. Nils is impressed by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that has gone into creating this space.

As he changes into his swim gear, Nils can’t help but feel excited to dive into the crystal-clear water of the aquatic center’s main pool. He knows that this is just the beginning of his aquatic adventure, and he can’t wait to see what other surprises the center has in store for him.

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2. Nils meets Maria and Linn


Upon entering the changing room, Nils encounters two young girls named Maria and Linn, who explain why they use the mixed room.

Introduction to Maria and Linn

As Nils made his way into the changing room, he was surprised to see two girls, Maria and Linn, already present there. They greeted him warmly, and Nils couldn’t help but wonder why they were using the mixed room instead of the girls’ changing room.

Reasons for Using the Mixed Room

Curious, Nils decided to ask Maria and Linn about their choice. Maria explained that the girls’ changing room was often crowded and lacked privacy, making them uncomfortable. Linn added that they both felt more at ease in the mixed room, where they didn’t have to deal with the chaos and could change in peace.

Discussion with Maria and Linn

Nils engaged in a conversation with Maria and Linn, learning more about their experiences and perspectives. They shared stories of past discomfort in the girls’ changing room and the relief they found in the mixed room. Nils realized the importance of respecting people’s preferences and comfort levels when it came to changing facilities.

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3. Showering and Swimming

All three individuals shower before enjoying a swim in the pool.

Showering Before Swimming

Prior to diving into the refreshing pool water, the three individuals make sure to cleanse themselves in the shower. This not only helps to remove any dirt or sweat accumulated on their bodies but also ensures that they are clean before entering the pool. Showering before swimming is a common practice to maintain hygiene and prevent the introduction of bacteria or other contaminants into the pool water.

Enjoying the Swim

After showering, the three individuals can fully enjoy their time in the pool. Swimming provides a great form of exercise, relaxation, and entertainment. The cool water can be invigorating, especially on a hot day, and it allows the individuals to unwind and have fun together. Whether they are swimming laps, playing water games, or simply floating around, the pool offers a perfect setting for recreation and bonding.

Hygiene and Safety

By showering before swimming, the individuals contribute to the overall hygiene and safety of the pool environment. Clean bodies help to maintain the water quality by reducing the risk of contamination. Additionally, showering removes any lotions, oils, or chemicals that could potentially affect the pool’s chemical balance. Prioritizing hygiene and safety ensures that everyone can enjoy a clean and healthy swimming experience.

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