1. Overcoming Challenges in the Quarry and Charcoal Business

Working in the quarry and charcoal stall exposed Rahma to various risks and challenges. She faced physical strains from digging, lifting heavy rocks, and inhaling dust in the quarry. Additionally, there were safety concerns in handling explosives used to extract stones from the quarry. On the other hand, running a charcoal stall presented its own set of challenges such as competition, fluctuating prices, and managing inventory and sales. Despite these obstacles, Rahma persevered and found ways to overcome them.

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2. Sleeping at the Charcoal Stall

Rahma found herself in a predicament where she had to spend the night at the charcoal stall. The reason for this unusual sleeping arrangement was to ensure the safety of the supplies stored there, as thieves had been targeting the area recently.

As the sun began to set and darkness enveloped the surroundings, Rahma knew that she had to take action to protect the valuable charcoal from being stolen. With no other options available, she made the decision to stay overnight at the stall, keeping a watchful eye on the supplies.

Despite the discomfort of sleeping in such an unconventional location, Rahma remained steadfast in her duty to safeguard the charcoal. The night was long and filled with uncertainty, but she knew that her presence was crucial in deterring any potential thieves who might try to take advantage of the situation.

Through her dedication and vigilance, Rahma was able to successfully fend off any thieves that attempted to approach the stall during the night. Her sacrifice of a good night’s sleep was a small price to pay in exchange for the security of the valuable supplies.

When morning arrived, Rahma felt a sense of relief as she saw the first light of dawn break over the horizon. She knew that her efforts had not been in vain, and the charcoal stall remained intact and protected thanks to her selfless act of sleeping there.

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