1. Introduction

Exposure to the harsh working conditions in the quarry and charcoal stall has posed serious health risks to Rahma. The strenuous labor and constant exposure to dust and chemicals have taken a toll on her well-being, potentially leading to various respiratory issues and other health complications. In addition to these physical risks, Rahma has also been subjected to sexual assaults, highlighting the vulnerability and abuse that many women face in these informal work settings.

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2. Charcoal Business Challenges

Rahma faced various challenges in her charcoal business. One of the biggest challenges she encountered was the need to sleep at the charcoal stall to wait for supplies. Due to unreliable suppliers, she had to personally ensure that she received the necessary stock. This meant spending many nights sleeping at the stall, waiting for the deliveries to arrive. This disrupted her sleep schedule and made it difficult for her to rest properly.

In addition to waiting for supplies, Rahma also had to guard against theft by thieves. Charcoal was a valuable commodity, and there were always individuals looking to steal it for quick profits. This meant that Rahma had to remain vigilant and watch over her stall, especially during the night when theft was more likely to occur. It was a constant battle for her to protect her merchandise and livelihood from being stolen.

Despite these challenges, Rahma was determined to succeed in her charcoal business. She knew that hard work and dedication were essential to overcome the obstacles she faced. By staying alert and putting in the effort to ensure a steady supply of charcoal, she was able to gradually grow her business and establish a reputation for reliability among her customers.

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