1. Challenges Faced

Working in the quarry and charcoal stall exposed Rahma to various health risks, including respiratory issues from inhaling dust and smoke. Additionally, the hazardous working conditions put her at risk of physical injuries. The long hours spent in the harsh environment also took a toll on her overall well-being, leading to exhaustion and fatigue.

Moreover, Rahma faced the constant threat of sexual assaults while working in such environments. The lack of proper safety measures and the presence of unscrupulous individuals made her vulnerable to such heinous crimes. The fear of being attacked or harassed added an immense psychological burden to her already challenging circumstances.

Furthermore, the overall atmosphere of the quarry and charcoal stall posed numerous dangers to Rahma’s safety. From unstable rock formations to heavy machinery, she navigated a perilous landscape daily. The lack of appropriate protective gear and safety protocols only heightened the risks she faced on a regular basis.

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2. Sleeping at the Charcoal Stall

After a long day of work, Rahma found herself having to sleep at the charcoal stall. This unusual arrangement was necessary to wait for supplies and protect the charcoal from potential thieves. Despite the discomfort of sleeping in such a location, Rahma knew that it was crucial to safeguard the valuable charcoal that was essential for her business.

As night fell, Rahma settled in for a makeshift slumber amidst sacks of charcoal. The dim light of a nearby lantern flickered, casting shadows that danced across the stall. The sounds of the night enveloped her – the chirping of insects, the distant bark of a dog, and the occasional rustling of leaves in the wind.

Despite the fatigue that weighed heavy on her eyelids, Rahma remained vigilant. She knew that thieves often lurked in the darkness, waiting for an opportunity to strike. With a makeshift weapon by her side, she was prepared to defend her precious cargo at all costs.

As the night wore on, Rahma reflected on the challenges she faced as a charcoal seller. The long hours, the physical labor, and now the need to sleep at the stall – all were part of the sacrifices she made to provide for her family. But with determination and resilience, Rahma knew that she would overcome these obstacles and continue to thrive in her business.

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