1. Exposed to Health Risks and Sexual Assaults

Working in the quarry and charcoal stall put Namakula Rahma in situations where she faced various dangers that affected her well-being. The nature of the work involved in the quarry exposed her to health hazards such as dust inhalation, physical injuries, and back strain from heavy lifting. Additionally, the lack of proper safety equipment and training increased her vulnerability to these risks.

Furthermore, being in that environment also made Namakula Rahma susceptible to sexual assaults. The isolated location of the quarry and charcoal stall, along with the presence of predominantly male coworkers, created a dangerous environment where she was at risk of being targeted and victimized. The lack of security measures and support systems put her in a position of vulnerability, where her safety and dignity were compromised.

Overall, the combination of exposure to health risks and sexual assaults in her work environment had a detrimental impact on Namakula Rahma’s physical and mental well-being. It is crucial to address these issues and implement measures to ensure the safety and protection of individuals working in similar environments.

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2. Sleeping at the Charcoal Stall

After a long day of selling charcoal in the bustling market, Namakula Rahma found herself faced with the daunting task of guarding the remaining supplies through the night. The charcoal stall was her source of income, and she couldn’t afford to lose any more stock to thieves who roamed the streets after dark.

With a heavy heart, Namakula Rahma set up a makeshift bed at the back of the stall, surrounded by bags of charcoal. She knew that staying awake all night was impossible, so she forced herself to drift off to sleep, always remaining on high alert for any suspicious noises or movements.

The night was long and restless, filled with the constant fear of robbery. But Namakula Rahma was determined to protect her livelihood at all costs. She had worked hard to build up her business, and she wasn’t about to let it all go to waste because of some petty criminals.

As the first light of dawn broke through the darkness, Namakula Rahma woke up, groggy and tired, but relieved that the night had passed without incident. She knew that she would have to do it all over again the next night, but she was ready to face the challenge head-on. Guarding the charcoal stall was not just a job for her – it was a matter of survival.

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