My First Two Weeks in My Hero Academia

1. Meeting the Classmates

As I explore the corridors of U.A. academy, I come across my eccentric classmates and endeavor to fit in despite my feline characteristics.

Upon entering the academy, I am immediately struck by the diverse group of students bustling about. There’s the energetic hero fan who can’t stop talking about his favorite pros, the quiet yet mysteriously powerful classmate who always seems to be analyzing everything, and the cheerful girl with an infectious personality that lights up the room.

Trying to blend in, I carefully observe their interactions and mannerisms, hoping to find common ground. Despite my unusual appearance – with cat-like ears and a tail – I do my best to act nonchalant and approachable. Surprisingly, my classmates are unfazed by my unique features and welcome me into their circle without hesitation.

Throughout the day, I engage in various activities with my new friends, from training exercises to lunch breaks. I learn about their ambitions, fears, and quirks, gradually feeling more at ease in their presence. Despite our differences, we bond over our shared goal of becoming successful heroes and supporting each other along the way.

As I continue to navigate the challenges of U.A. academy, I am grateful for the friendships I have forged with my classmates. Together, we strive to overcome obstacles, hone our powers, and grow both as individuals and as a team.

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2. Training with All Might

All Might graciously takes me under his wing for training, which turns out to be a wild ride filled with hilarious mishaps. As I try to control my overpowered quirk, chaos ensues, leaving both All Might and myself in fits of laughter.

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3. The Secret Revealed

One day, while in the midst of a heated debate with my classmates, my secret was accidentally revealed. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but in a moment of frustration, I let slip that I had the ability to steal quirks. The reaction from my classmates was immediate and chaotic. Some were terrified, others intrigued, and a select few saw it as an opportunity to form unexpected alliances.

As rumors began to spread throughout our school, I realized the gravity of my mistake. Keeping my quirk-stealing ability a secret was crucial for my safety and the safety of those around me. I quickly understood that I would need to navigate this challenging situation with caution and strategy.

With chaos unfolding around me, I found myself forging alliances I never would have predicted. Classmates who were once adversaries now saw me in a different light, offering their support and guidance. Together, we worked to keep my secret hidden from those who might seek to exploit it.

The revelation of my quirk-stealing ability had brought chaos into my life, but it also opened up new pathways and unexpected friendships. As I navigated this turbulent time, I learned the true value of trust, loyalty, and the power of working together towards a common goal.

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4. A Heroic Mishap

During a training exercise gone wrong, I inadvertently acquire All Might’s quirk, resulting in mayhem and necessitating me to confess about my newfound powers.

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