Miraak’s Top 10 What Ifs in Skyrim – 2500 Worst

1. The Fall of Solstheim

In this alternate reality, Miraak successfully enslaves all of Solstheim, the once vibrant island now draped in darkness and despair.

The once peaceful inhabitants of Solstheim now toil under the oppressive rule of Miraak, forced to serve him without question. Those who resist are swiftly dealt with, their courage snuffed out by Miraak’s dark powers.

The once lush forests and mountains now stand barren and lifeless, the vibrant colors of nature drained by Miraak’s malevolent influence. The skies are forever overcast, the sun a distant memory as the island is shrouded in eternal twilight.

The people of Solstheim live in fear, their hopes crushed under the weight of Miraak’s tyranny. Any whisper of rebellion is swiftly silenced, dissenters disappearing without a trace, leaving behind only a haunting sense of foreboding.

As the days stretch into endless darkness, the inhabitants of Solstheim cling to their memories of better times, a flickering light in the encroaching shadows. But as long as Miraak’s hold remains unchallenged, the future of Solstheim remains bleak and uncertain.

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2. Betrayal of the Dragons

In a shocking twist of events, what if Miraak, the Dragonborn, decides to betray his fellow dragons and instead seeks to claim ultimate power and control over Skyrim? With his unmatched Dragon Shout abilities and ancient knowledge, Miraak poses a formidable threat to the peaceful coexistence that has been maintained between dragons and the people of Skyrim.

As Miraak gathers his forces and turns against his former allies, a catastrophic war breaks out across the land. The skies are filled with the roar of dragons, raining destruction down upon towns and villages. The people of Skyrim are forced to take up arms and join together to defend themselves against this new, unexpected threat.

With the dragons torn asunder by Miraak’s betrayal, the delicate balance of power in Skyrim is shattered. It becomes a race against time to prevent Miraak from achieving his goal of becoming the ultimate ruler of Skyrim, with the fate of the realm hanging in the balance. As the conflict escalates and the casualties mount, it is up to the Dragonborn to ultimately decide the fate of Skyrim and determine the outcome of this epic struggle for power.

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3. The Death of the Dragonborn

If Miraak were to succeed in killing the Dragonborn, the consequences would be catastrophic. The Dragonborn, a symbol of hope and strength in Skyrim, is the only one capable of truly standing against the forces of evil. With their demise, the balance of power would be shattered, leaving no one to oppose Miraak and his dark ambitions.

Unleashing chaos upon Skyrim, Miraak would have free rein to spread his influence and control throughout the land. The people would live in constant fear, always looking over their shoulders for the next threat to appear. Without the Dragonborn to protect them, they would be helpless against the might of Miraak and his dragon allies.

The death of the Dragonborn would not only impact Skyrim but also the rest of Tamriel. The world would be plunged into a state of uncertainty and despair. The dragons, once thought to be under control, would return to their true nature, wreaking havoc and destruction wherever they go.

In conclusion, the death of the Dragonborn would mark the beginning of a dark chapter in the history of Skyrim. Miraak’s victory would spell doom for all who oppose him, leading to a future filled with darkness and despair.

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4. The Corruption of the Thu’um

Delve into a realm where the Thu’um is perverted by Miraak, its essence twisted to fuel his dark intentions.

As Dragonborns command the language of dragons to wield powerful shouts, Miraak’s corruption taints this ancient art. The Thu’um, once a force of balance and harmony, becomes a tool of destruction under his influence. The pure energy that flows through the shouts is twisted, turning them into manifestations of malevolence.

Through Miraak’s manipulation, the Thu’um’s words resonate with dark power, twisting reality and harming those they are directed towards. No longer do the shouts echo the natural order of the world; instead, they disrupt and distort it, leaving chaos in their wake.

Those who witness the corrupted Thu’um shudder at the twisted power it exudes. The once revered art of wordsmithing has been desecrated, its purity stained by Miraak’s insidious touch. The very essence of the Thu’um cries out in agony as it is bent to serve a malevolent master’s bidding.

In this world where the Thu’um is no longer a force for good, Dragonborns must confront the dark reality of its corruption. Will they succumb to its tainted allure, or rise up against Miraak’s twisted influence to restore the Thu’um to its rightful place as a beacon of light and balance?

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5. The Eternal Domination

If Miraak were to achieve immortality and eternal dominion over Skyrim, it would bring a dark era upon the land. With his iron fist ruling for centuries, the people of Skyrim would suffer under his ruthless and tyrannical reign.

As an immortal being, Miraak would have limitless time to consolidate his power and crush any opposition. His control would be absolute, and any dissent would be swiftly met with brutal punishment. The citizens of Skyrim would live in constant fear, their lives controlled by Miraak’s whims and desires.

The traditional way of life in Skyrim would be completely altered under Miraak’s eternal domination. The once vibrant and diverse culture would be suppressed, as Miraak imposed his own twisted ideals and beliefs upon the population. The rich history and traditions of Skyrim would be erased, replaced by Miraak’s oppressive regime.

Centuries of Miraak’s rule would leave a lasting scar on Skyrim, turning it into a dark and desolate realm devoid of hope. The once proud and independent people would be reduced to mere subjects, existing only to serve Miraak’s insatiable hunger for power.

In this scenario, Miraak’s eternal domination would mark the end of freedom and prosperity in Skyrim, plunging the land into a never-ending nightmare of suffering and despair.

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6. The Daedric Alliance

Within the realm of possibilities lies a terrifying scenario where Miraak, the powerful Dragonborn, forges a malevolent covenant with the Daedric Princes, heralding catastrophe upon the lands of Tamriel. This unholy alliance between Miraak and the Daedric entities, notorious for their insidious ways and insatiable thirst for power, unleashes a wave of chaos and destruction that threatens to consume the entire continent.

As the Daedric Princes lend their dark powers to Miraak, the balance of power in Tamriel shifts drastically. Their combined forces bring about a cataclysmic upheaval, with daedric creatures roaming freely and wreaking havoc upon the innocent denizens of the realm. Cities fall, kingdoms crumble, and a pervasive sense of dread grips the hearts of all who dwell in Tamriel.

The once-great hero Miraak, corrupted by his lust for supremacy and domination, becomes a formidable adversary unlike any the people of Tamriel have ever faced. With the Daedric Princes at his side, his strength knows no bounds, and his thirst for power seems insatiable. The fate of Tamriel hangs in the balance as this malevolent alliance threatens to plunge the continent into an eternal abyss of darkness and despair.

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7. The Rebirth of Alduin

Picture a scenario where Miraak successfully resurrects Alduin, the infamous World-Eater, once again. This catastrophic event would spell doom for all of Nirn, as Alduin’s insatiable hunger threatens to consume everything in his path.

With Alduin’s rebirth, the very fabric of reality trembles as the dragon’s destructive power knows no bounds. Cities would crumble, and lives would be lost in the blink of an eye as Alduin lays waste to the world. The skies would darken with his menacing presence, instilling fear and despair in all who witness his wrath.

Heroes of old, such as the Dragonborn, would be called upon to rise up and face this ultimate threat. Their skills and bravery would be put to the test as they confront Alduin in an epic battle that will determine the fate of Nirn. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as the forces of good and evil clash in a final showdown.

As Alduin unleashes his chaos upon the land, alliances would be forged, sacrifices made, and hope kindled in the hearts of those who refuse to surrender to the darkness. The struggle against Alduin would be a test of courage, strength, and determination as the fate of all life on Nirn hangs in the balance.

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8. The Soul Harvest

An eerie scenario unfolds as Miraak, the antagonist of our story, begins to consume the souls of all living beings. With each soul devoured, Miraak grows more powerful, shrouding the world in darkness and fear. The once peaceful land is now filled with despair as Miraak’s insatiable appetite for souls drives him to unimaginable heights of strength and malevolence.

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9. The Shadow of Hermaeus Mora

Imagine a scenario where Miraak, the primary antagonist in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC, falls under the influence of Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of knowledge and memory. What if this once powerful Dragonborn becomes a mere puppet, manipulated by Hermaeus Mora to carry out his dark and sinister bidding without question?

In this twisted relationship, Miraak’s free will would no longer be his own. Instead, he would be driven by a relentless urge to serve Hermaeus Mora, sacrificing any sense of autonomy or moral compass in the process. As the Shadow of Hermaeus Mora, Miraak would be forced to commit heinous acts and betray those who once trusted him, all in the name of pleasing his Daedric master.

This unholy alliance would plunge Skyrim into chaos, as Miraak’s powers and knowledge are twisted and perverted by the influence of Hermaeus Mora. The once legendary Dragonborn would become a harbinger of destruction, spreading darkness and despair in his wake.

What consequences would this dark alliance bring to the world of Skyrim? How would the people of Tamriel react to the actions of the Shadow of Hermaeus Mora? Only time will tell the true extent of the devastation wrought by this malevolent force.

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10. The End of Time

As Miraak’s power grows unchecked, the fabric of reality begins to tremble. Dark omens portend the coming of the end times, foreseen by ancient prophecies. The once peaceful lands now lie in ruins, ravaged by cataclysmic events. The sky is painted in a sinister hue, as if the very heavens weep for what is to come.

In a sudden and terrifying turn of events, Miraak unleashes a devastating force that ruptures the very foundation of time itself. Reality fractures like shattered glass, and a chasm of chaos threatens to consume everything in its path. The end of time draws near, and there seems to be no hope of salvation.

Amidst the chaos, brave heroes rise to confront Miraak and prevent the impending apocalypse. Their journey is perilous, fraught with danger at every turn. They must delve deep into the heart of darkness, facing unimaginable horrors and challenges that test their strength and courage to the limit.

As the pillars of existence begin to crumble, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Can the heroes stand against Miraak’s insidious machinations and restore order to a shattered reality? The end of time approaches, and only the bravest and most determined souls can hope to make a stand against the encroaching darkness.

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